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La La Anthony stays booked and busy, so taking time to unwind with her girls is a must. The actress, host, beauty entrepreneur, and mom is teaming up with Airbnb to give travelers a glimpse at her decor and travel style with the launch of Lala Land, an aesthetics-centered Fort Lauderdale property where visitors can get ready for a fun night out or hide from their daily responsibilities. 

Slowing Down 

La La loves “doing nothing” on trips and fully decompressing, something she and her crew of jet-setting go-getters, including Kim Kardashian and Kelly Rowland, don’t get to do often. “All of my girlfriends are always so busy, so a girls’ trip where it’s just like five days of relaxation is really good,” she told HelloBeautiful. 

Doing nothing does not come naturally to the Power Playbook author, but when it comes to putting together a trip, letting someone else take the lead is totally okay with her. “I stuck at the planning,” she admitted. 

05 - La La Land - Airbnb - La La Anthony - Credit Tomas Herold

Source: Credit Tomas Herold / Credit Tomas Herold

Decor is an area where she loves to take charge. Serving as a creative advisor for the brand, she developed a lively space featuring pop prints, plentiful seating, and colorful wall prints. La La Land is the first activation in their partnership. Travelers will get to immerse themselves in Anthony’s maximalist world. She describes her style as “modern and edgy.” “I wanted it to be a place that girls do girls trips or vacations,” she said. She envisioned it as a haven for “mommies who need to get away.” 

Keeping The Pace 

La La is bringing her commitment to relaxation to her traveling style. Her “ins” include massages, a fun environment, and chilling out. 

Overstuffing a trip with luggage or people is definitely out. “I overpack way too much,” she said. “Always in my mind, I think I’m going to do 500 things, and I need 500 outfits, and then when I get there, I don’t even wear the majority of the stuff that I packed.” She is working on streamlining her choices. “I admire people who know how to just pack light, and they still have everything they need and look really good. I’ve never been good at that.

A bloated guest list is not ideal, either. She is not into “traveling with too many people to where you can’t never get everything done that everyone wants to get done because it’s just too many people.” Overscheduling is not her thing, either. She is not here for “a full itinerary to where you need a vacation from the vacation.” 

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Source: Shelby Cooper / Shelby Cooper

Curating The La La Land Vibes 

Everything about the design for the La La property was selected intentionally. She laid the foundation brick with fluorescent flamingo-lighted brick. “I wanted La La Land to be a representation of me and what I love and the decor that I love, and when people come visit and stay there, I wanted them to feel like they’re getting a true La La experience from the artwork, to the decor, to the sheets, to the robes, to the soap,” she explained. Travelers will also get to try her Inala hair care line, which features a travel-friendly package design that can easily slip into a carry-on. 

The first travelers who get to stay in the venue will get a tour from the Power star. 

They will be welcomed by crimson acrylic lips, cerulean palm tree prints, plush creme spheres, technicolor derrieres, large white arches, and a private lap pool perfect for those enviable Instagram photos. Creating a place where those who wanted a chic backdrop for social media without the crowds and selfie sticks was important to the star. She didn’t want guests to trade comfort for style. Instead, she offered both. Neon signs are peppered throughout the property. “I wanted the place to be reflective of a good getaway but still where you can get great content and just feel happy and fun, which is why I did a lot of bright colors,” continued Anthony. 

Setting The Table 

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Source: Shelby Cooper / Shelby Cooper

Donyale Luna’s infamous mug ushers them into the dining room, where curved chairs covered in a pewter teddy bear fabric provide the perfect backdrop for an intimate dinner party with the squad. Lala loves to play and loves “going out to a fun restaurant,” but she also enjoys staying in and really connecting with her friends. 

“We always play games. That’s a big thing for us, playing drinking games, card games,” she said. She loves the way they “break the ice and just kind of get the vibe going.” Caresha Roulette, created by Young Miami, is one of her favorites. 

Popping Out

When she does decide to go out on a girls’ trip, she skips the bougie places filled with people watchers. She prefers “a place where people like to party” and where they are “not just standing.” She loves to be somewhere: “People are dancing and mingling and having fun and not just standing around being boring.” 

Learn more about La La Land and find out how you can host your next girl’s trip there here. 


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