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We have seen way too crimes committed by youth over the past couple of years. Many citizens of Baltimore are demanding something be done NOW. After 2 teens were shot while down the Harbor earlier this year, Mayor Scott announced that a curfew would go into effect Memorial Day weekend.

While at the unveiling of the a new playground in Northwest Baltimore, just on the heels of the death of T-Mobile employee Fabian Sanchez-Gonzalez, Mayor Scott doubled-down on the upcoming curfew but was very tight-lipped about the actual plan.

Scott tells, “Memorial Day is when it will start and Memorial Day is when we will be showing everybody what we are and how we are going to be doing it in a more evolved way than we have before.”

Research has shown that curfews have not reduced crimes, but something definitely needs to happen. Maybe if all the organizations are doing their job, it may help. Something needs to happen to get this city in a better shape. What will Mayor Scott enforce, we will just have to wait and see.