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Now we know that we always say it takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes when the village steps in the people are not ready. Most recently there was a major blow up on social media about a young black male educator who posted to his personal Instagram account show him moisturizing a young boy’s face on picture day. The caption under the picture said, “Im giving him what I did have growing up 🥺🙏🏾 My boy Bryson.”

Social media had mixed emotions. 95% of the comments were all positive saying things, “As a boy mom with limited positive male relationships around, I appreciate you for this so much. We need y’all.” Others like, “COME ONNN VASELINE!! Legit my childhood. Nothing says picture day than a nice lotion’d face.” However, others found out the educator was also a gay man and of course Twitter sounded off. One lady came to the defense of the educator saying, “You homophobic as hell AND you’re paying for twitter. Ls all around. Loser.”

Do you think the teacher was wrong for caring or are the people too sensitive?