Now we all don’t desire to be married. However, we all agree that the wedding ring especially for the woman is the one of the most important and expensive things when getting on one knee. However, a woman was interviewed by a tiktoker asking, “how much should a wedding ring cost?” Her answer was, “at […]

It does seem that over the past couple of years, we have lost a lot of rappers. Whether it was over a rap beef or an innocent by-stander situation, it has been way too many; Some of our favorite rappers have left us too soon. You hear a lot of artist say nowadays that being […]

It looks like The Grammy’s may have pulled a “Steve Harvey” last night during their commercials. In a commercial to promote the upcoming award show, they announced that the OVO boss was performing. Drake took to Twitter to deny that he was performing. I am not performing at the Grammy Awards…but hey it’s the thought […]