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Deion Sanders And Leah Remini At 'Extra'

Source: Noel Vasquez / Getty

Over the weekend Alabama State University lead by Coach Eddie Robinson Jr. welcomed Jackson State University lead by Coach Deion “Prime Time” Sanders to their campus for their Homecoming football game. Earlier throughout the week Coach Prime’s son (Deion Sanders Jr) posted some of the weekly motivational content as always. This week included that, “somebody decided to schedule us on their homecoming, let’s make sure they remember to not do that again.”

Coach Robinson took that personally. As a result JSU won the game. In great sportsmanship the coaches walked towards the 50-yard line to shake each other’s hand. During the embrace part of the handshake Coach Robinson, slightly shoves Coach Prime and walks off in a very hostile way. Coach Prime stands there in confusion and throws his hands in the air and walks way.

Later in the press conference Coach Robinson was asked, “What was the tussle about?” Coach responded, “He felt that Coach Prime had talked a lot of trash throughout the week and that’s not SWAC. Coach Prime isn’t SWAC.” Coach Prime responded in his press conference, “If I’m not SWAC then who is?”