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One thing The Kardashian’s will do is keep a check coming in. After 20 years of running the numbers up on E!, Kim, Kylie, Kourtney, Kendall, Khloe and Kris have jumped ship in a new deal with Hulu. With their new cover shoot with Variety magazine, the family dishes a little about the upcoming season and the new deal.

Anyone who knows about the Mega-Momager, Kris, knows that she will go above and beyond to bring home a nice check for the family. This new deal with Hulu is reportedly a 9 figure check to spread amongst the estate.

Not denying or confirming what the sweet deal was, she did tell Variety that when their deal was up with E!, there was a bidding war and Hulu won. “Well, money always matters. I think that anybody would be foolish to say that money doesn’t matter anymore.”

She continued, “We had options for sure, but I’m not one to kiss and tell.”

One would think thats a HEFTY check to be dished out but Khloe Kardashaians says they’re worth every bit of it. Khloe shares that “We give so much of our personal lives up for entertainment. We always have our private family conversations, and we’re pretty brutal, me and my sisters, with what we will settle for or not settle for.”