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The Weeknd dropped his Dawn FM album last week and apparently, Timbaland is a big fan. The super-producer took to Instagram (quick as hell, btw) to praise the album, comparing it to Michael Jackon’s Thriller. Fans did not like that much. “This album different y’all. This sh*t right here on some Thriller sh*t. Trust me when I tell you and the way he dropped this sh*t — yo! Congrats. This sh*t is amazing.” He added in bold text, “This album is beyond great. We need a vinyl to this,” the producer said on Instagram.

Fans roasted him.

-but what did you expect?

Timbaland’s quick comparison is very reckless for a gatekeeper like himself and hasty praise of an album that had only been out for a few minutes – regardless of how good it sounds. It’s a responsibility for him to be tough on new music. That’s what makes it disappointing to me. Quick praise and shock comments are frustrating, especially from the people who we expect better from.

Here’s what the Twitter-explosion sounded like:

Michael Jackson’s Thriller doesn’t even need me to run through its legacy. You know it. You were born into it. I share similar sentiments as most music fans who think that very few things are more irritating than the quick comparisons. It’s not needed, honestly. One of the greatest things that makes Thriller iconic is that nothing will ever be like it…and that’s ‘ok’. In fact, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

The best a part about approaching music (and other things; sports, books, relationships, etc.) like that, is that you leave room for something else to achieve its own greatness. Why does something good have to live its greatness in the shadows of something else that was deemed ‘good’? Thriller was a part of a life, time, and legacy that no one can recreate. You remind us of that with the erroneous comparisons.

Let Dawn FM be great if you believe its great. What do you think about Timbaland’s comparison?

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