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Saweetie caught heat this weekend when an old video of a conversation she had with rapper Too Short resurfaced. In the clip, you hear Too Short say that he loves biracial women and that he’s never fallen in love with anybody who wasn’t mixed. “Mixed heritage women have always been my favorite,” he told Saweetie in the clip. “I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a woman that wasn’t mixed,” to which Saweetie, seemingly taken aback, responded, “Really?!”

He continued, “I feel that way about life too like biracial babies are… you can take the two ugliest people from different races and make a baby and that baby would just be beautiful! It happens all the time!”


Saweetie then attempted to laugh the conversation off while still being taken aback by Too Short’s comments before shutting down Too Short’s opinion to stand up for all Black women. However, some fans felt that Saweetie’s reaction to Too Short’s colorist comments was actually less than supportive of Black women and took to Twitter to tweet their disappointment in her reply.

View the clip and Too Short’s comments below.

While some people didn’t think that Saweetie did enough to defend Black women, the “Best Friend” rapper took to social media to shut all that chatter down, posting the full video with her response to Too Short where she defended all Black women’s beauty. “I heard your comment about when two people come together to make a beautiful baby but Black women are beautiful period with their own look, you feel me?” she told the rapper.

See her response below.

But she didn’t stop there, Saweetie then posted a Q&A she did with fans a while back, where someone asked if she thought that dark-skinned women could be pretty. Here, Saweetie responded to the question with confirmation that dark-skinned women are indeed beautiful. “I was raised by dark skin women so I find this question insulting,” she responded. And it seems as if she was quite insulted by this whole conversation again when she tweeted, “This shouldn’t even be a conversation but thank you for having my back baby. I’m going back to my shoot  Y’all have a Jesus blessed day.”  


Beauties, it’s time to put an end to these colorist conversations. All Black women are beautiful, period, and bravo to Saweetie for doubling down on her defense of beautiful Black women.

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