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Veeta is known for her unique sound that is a mixture of Hardcore HIP HOP, Rap and R&B. She rose to prominence in 2018 with singles, “Message”, and “I Don’t Need” . Veeta Venom debut album, “Bipolar” was released Halloween 2020. I’ve been able to watch her journey within these past 3 years and this girl continues to evolve and get better. After releasing her newest single, “Rodeo” It was only right to get more exclusive and do an interview.

How was VEETA Venom created? What’s the meaning behind that name? 

V: Veeta Venom was given to me when I first started rapping in elementary school by old class mates. Everyone called me veeta and felt like I spit venom.

“Rodeo” was released last month in honor of your birthday, What inspired that single? 

V: I had flew to Houston Texas to visit & see what the scene was like for their artists. I ended up meeting a super dope singer and songwriter there named, Ms. Jayla Rose who inspired the track actually. I knew I wanted a horse riding kind of feel so Ms. Jayla Rose helped bring that idea to life and was also featured on it. 

You named your album “Bi Polar” are you really bi-polar? 

V: Yes I am very bipolar *laughs*

Who were some of your artist inspirations growing up, and who are some artists who inspire you now?

V: I loved listening to 90’s R&b music growing up, however my music inspirations now are J cole, Lil Wayne, Tory lanes & Jhene Aiko.. just to name a few.

You went into remission from stage 2 cancer this year, God is Good. What has been the biggest thing you’ve learned and gained from this experience?

V: To not take anyone or anything for granted; To keep going no matter what because life doesn’t stop. To keep my head high, at all times and to be very protective of my energy & space because not everyone doesn’t deserve to be around.

What advice can you give to a creator who is going through personal hardships, who may be feeling discouraged and wants to give up?

V: Never give up. Take social media breaks and connect with nature. Be creatively busy with things that actually interest you, to help keep your creative juices flowing. More importantly, surround yourself with like minded individuals. 

What has been the hardest part thus far about being a music artist?

V: Making Genuine connections & relationships with people that genuinely want to help, that want to see you grow & succeed. Everybody’s out for self & $$, and the game is rigged. The hardest thing is watching myself go so hard & ppl rarely show support but stay begging me for it.  

Congratulations on your new baby, The Spiritually Hood Podcast. How did that idea come into play?

V: I feel like I be having sooo much to talk about and say. I wanted to create a podcast to show off my personality, as well as give other artists an opportunity to come & show what they got going on as well, on my platform. Here we talk our sh*t, Speak our truth, and Sip our wine, All while staying aligned. 


How can we tune into the podcast?

V: Each & every other Monday at 6:00pm by clicking  @spirituallyHoodpodcast via Instagram  or YouTube. When I stream it goes live to all of my socials and automatically saves. 

How can we support and follow you? 

You can support me by simply downloading, streaming & sharing my music, & of course following me @veetavenom & @spirituallyHoodpodcast