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Even with all the progression we’ve done as a nation when it comes to race relations, there’s no ignoring the racism rooted in the grounds that America was literally built on.

Democrats have proposed a new bill that will hopefully be a start to erasing the hate, at least when it comes to racially-insensitive names of over 1,000 forests, streams, lakes, mountain peaks and other landmarks across the country.


You’d be surprised at how many places across the United States are literally greeting you with racism the minute you step foot on the property, including the more than 600 places boasting The N Word or some form of it in its name — think “Dead Negro Spring” in Oklahoma that got the moniker due to a deceased Black person being found there, according to the USGS.

Here’s some more info on how far the path of racism stretches, by way of Business Insider:

“In New Mexico, there is a reservoir called W—— Tank, named with a slur for Mexican people living in the US. Nearly 800 results are returned by the USGS database when searching for the term “s—-,” an offensive word for Native American women.

‘These terms are harmful relics from the era of invidious yet lawful discrimination that must be removed from public property,’ Congressman Green said. “Racism, even in geography, cannot be tolerated in a country that strives for liberty and justice for all.”

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Traveling across our beautiful nation shouldn’t come with a scenic route of slurs, and that’s what Dems are proposing with this bill. If all goes as planned, Insider says the bill would establish an advisory board of civil rights experts and tribal organizations and solicit comment from the public on name change proposals. The board is expected to then make renaming recommendations to the proper government body, such as Congress in the case of federal land units.

Do you live near a landmark with a racial slur for a name? Let us know your thoughts on what you think is the best way to handle this.


Bill Proposed To Rename Over 1,000 Landmarks Named After Racist Slurs  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com