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It seems like the R&B hits of yesteryear are coming back to create new attention in 2021. Similar to Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams having to defend “Cater 2 U” from being canceled, Mariah Carey is giving her 2009 top 10 Billboard hit “Obsessed” some new attention that doesn’t exactly put her musical nemesis Eminem in the best light. On some level, we don’t think the 51-year-old Queen Of Music cares too much either.

First, give yourself a quick reminder of the lead single from Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel below:


“Obsessed” infamously spoofed Em, with MC going beyond the 8 mile to put on a full-makeup disguise on that made the Oscar-winning rapper look like an obsessed ex. Finding out all these years later that it’s all allegedly over a makeout-session-turned-premature-eja— well, you get the idea! — is sometime we thought neither party would want to revisit. Wrong! Mariah chose violence and decided to recreate her Eminem shade, prosthetic beard and bandana in tact, for a TikTok celebration on the song’s 12th anniversary.

The short clip sees Carey doing the ‘wipe it down’ TikTok challenge, lipping along to the song “Wipe It Down” by BMW KENNY. The chart-topping diva starts off in the expected “prim and proper” pink robe and a green face mask, then gets into MiMi mode in a sparking evening dress and leather jacket before wiping into a Mariah Carey merched-out version of Eminem. She hits a few classic notes before singing “Bounce,” making it feel even more like a slight jab.  No word yet on if Em has a few bars to throw back, but time will tell.

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Check out Mariah Carey’s anniversary tribute to “Obsessed” below, and let us know if Eminem should feel a type of way or if the rap king should just brush it off as Internet jokes:


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