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The back and forth between Summer Walker and London on da Track has once again come to a head, as Walker bashed the father of her child on Instagram Stories. The pair have split, then made up, and split again quite a few times since first hooking up, but her latest post has many wondering if this is truly the end.


Wednesday morning (June 2), Walker used her alternate IG page to warn women to stay away from men like the star producer.

“Ladies run from this type of man,” Summer said about her ex-boyfriend. “A man that believes you are NOTHING without them from the start till the end will never want you to be anything without them. They will sabotage anything you do solo and envy you once you begin to stand on your own 2 feet. That’s not real love, that’s control. Big narcissist vibes.”

The 25-year-old singer’s tirade continued with more personal digs at London on da Track.

“Why would you want the mother of your child to soon ‘dry out’ so that I can’t provide for her,” she asked. “[laughing face emoji] lmaooo n***as is weird. If you ain’t the captain of the ship it’s just sink the whole ship lmao. Okay I’m done.”

Known to be an active personality in the world of social media, Summer caught some online heat herself late last month. Twitter users were in an uproar after photos shared by Summer seemed to hint at a questionable diet plan for her newborn child.

In the past, Summer has been quite outspoken on what she would feed her child before she gave birth, choosing fresh fruit over giving babies formula and store-bought baby food.

“Y’all weird for even giving babies that processed government sh*t,” she said. “Throw some real fruit / veggies in a blender and give it to them. LOL revisiting cause [people] kept saying it’s too expensive.”

London Calling: Summer Walker Airs Out Black Men & Baby Daddy, Promptly Backfires
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