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Central Park Karen Part 2

Source: Screenshot / YouTube

A simple day outing morphed into a racist encounter for two Black women after they were falsely accused of assault and stealing their own property.

A Black vlogger in New York City named Alana Lambert shared her experience on YouTube after she and a friend were accosted by a woman in Central Park over Lambert’s phone charger.

2021 seems to be an instant replay of the mess that 2020 left behind. The incident is likened to the infamous “Central Park Karen” fiasco where a white woman filed a false police report on a Black birdwatcher, accusing him of attacking her after he simply asked her to leash her dog.

Lambert’s video begins with her venturing out to shoot footage for her vlog in Central Park. During a bike ride Lambert’s charger fell from her friend’s bike, and as she circled back to retrieve it, was greeted by a woman who refused to return it without proof that it was hers.


The woman who can be seen holding the charger while talking to police, makes several false claims against the women.

“Can I just have it back please?” Lambert asks as the woman goes on.

Central Park Karen Part 2

Source: Screenshot / YouTube

Lambert’s friend asks if she can pull up video of the charger, but Lambert recants that it won’t matter because the woman is assigned to her narrative.

“This lady just stole my charger and won’t give it back,” Lambert speaks to the camera. “She’s saying that I have to prove it’s mine and she’s calling the cops on me right now.”

“You have to prove it. I’m not saying I’m not going to give it to you; you have to prove that it’s yours,” the Karen tells the women.

The woman can repeatedly be heard saying, “I’m in Central Park… they’re going to beat me,” to which Lambert and her friend exclaim that the woman is lying.

“Ma’am they don’t left me, there are two girls. They are surrounding me and they are threatening me that they are going to beat me or something,” the racist women continues.

At one point Lambert asks the woman if she’s racist to which she replies, “yes.”

“I pick my race over any race, what’s your problem?” she says.

“Girl if you go viral trying to be stupid, that’s on you,” says Lambert as the woman continues walking away.

As they follow the woman in order to retrieve the charger, a group of police on horseback approach. Lambert explains they are frustrated over the woman’s false claims and eventually show the officers a video of the charger.

Moments later Lambert shares that she was able to get her charger back after police intervention.

She said that although she’s from Arkansas, a state that has a deep history of racism, she’s never experienced anything like that in her life.

In a second portion of the video Lambert tells her viewers that although she’s tried to make light of the situation, it brought her to tears.

“There’s some people out here, who literally be racist, who literally rather take time out of their day to be racist for no reason,” she said.

It’s unclear how the NYPD will handle the fallout from the deeply troubling event. According to The Daily Mail, the NYPD stated they don’t have a report on file.

In regards to last year’s Central Park Karen, authorities dropped the charges against the woman after she completed “racial equality” theory. The case spurred lawmakers to enact a law which made filing false police claims a crime after the continuation of racially motivated calls made against Black community members.

It may not be a reach to say that since the first Central Park Karen got off free, her doppelganger might also evade consequences as well.


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