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Netflix’s The Circle returned to streaming this past week with its second season. The show continues to give us a real-life view of social media and life on the internet. I’ll be honest. The season 2 premiere literally caught me by surprise. I wasn’t aware of the show’s return but I was happy to tune in. Season 2’s claim to fame seems to be how strategic this cast is. It reveals how strategic we can actually be on social media.

Looking at the trailer, strategy is certainly the main character of this season.

The Bryant Experiment (Spoliers)

Bryant, a Breathing Instructor currently living in L.A, was the first to leave The Circle. It didn’t surprise me because he was the “nice guy” of the group.

It was interesting to watch how the rest of the cast reacted to Bryant’s sheer joy and appreciation for life. He was warm and wasn’t shy about sharing his warmth to the group. Even as a viewer, we could really attach ourselves to his personality and feel a sense of authenticity for who he is and the love he advertises.

Unfortunately, that makes you a target in The Circle (which, I think is a metaphor for social media). The other cast members genuinely struggled with responding to him and thought that his humility was a front. Most people think that about “nice” individuals because we’re not used to things being honest in our societies.

While he was the first to go, his time on the show was memorable. It’s not that nice guys get voted off first. It’s the fact that they leave lasting impressions. Godspeed, B. He didn’t have a strategy, only vibes. But the rest of the cast came to play.

Social Media Strategy. Inevitable.

I can’t help but search for information when I watch movies and shows. The Circle is no different. It reveals how different social engagement strategies can either pay off, or cause turmoil. For me, it takes a little bit of the pressure off when being active on social media.

Characters in season 2 have been strategic with everything. Arguably, this group of characters plays more of the game than the last. We already got a taste of the fire that some have moved in with. There’s one dramatic story line that stands out.

Savannah vs. Terilisha: It’s just energy. (Spoliers).

As much as I hate the disputes of reality television, this one had me thinking. It was a clash between two beautiful women who are territorial of peace. They each point to the other as the “problem” of The Circle.

Terilisha, an educator from Dallas, came into The Circle as herself and makes decisions with her identity as the guide. Savannah, a Data Researcher on Capitol Hill, made decisions based on strategy. The two women clashed after they both were awarded the coveted ‘Influencer’ tag. At the end of the war, Savannah was voted off of the show.

Nope, I won’t pick sides because my name is Bennett. However, I believe that these women were simply the result of their energies. Some of us just don’t vibe with some others and can’t find common ground, despite deliberation. I recognize some of those instances in my own life and act accordingly. But, there isn’t too much room for action in the small quarters of The Circle.

Given the show’s nature, the two women had to play chicken and someone was going to lose. The ladies spoke about the feud on Entertainment Tonight.

More episodes Wednesday.

Netflix is reeling in the new viewers. The streaming service anticipates more eyes for this week’s episode, Wednesday. Here’s what we can expect.