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COVID-19 Updates

Source: Brandon Caldwell / Radio One Digital

Mayor Brandon Scott announced that Baltimore will relax COVID-19 capacity limits starting Friday March 26th.

“I will continue to caution Baltimoreans that this pandemic is still serious,” Scott said. “Far too many people, one a day, are still dying from this pandemic here in our city. We know that today is St. Patrick’s Day. Do not act a fool today because you might kill somebody. Understand how serious this is.”

Scott received a Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine during Wednesday’s news conference.

“It doesn’t matter what shot you get, get it,” Scott said. “What I just did will help save people’s lives.”

Effective at 6 a.m. on March 26, capacity limits will increase to 50% for religious facilities, retail, malls, indoor/outdoor recreation, fitness centers, casinos, libraries, museums, zoo, aquariums and personal services.

Indoor dining will be limited to 50% capacity and outdoor dining will be limited to 75% capacity (tents must be open on all sides). Bars without food licenses are also allowed to operate 75% outdoors and 50% indoors. Restaurants must keep a log of contact information for patrons and staff for contact tracing services.

Gatherings will need to comply with any relevant capacity based upon the space in which they are located.

Personal services, while limited to 50% capacity, must be by appointment only and a log of patrons must be kept.

Hookah and cigar lounges can open retail spaces at 50% capacity, but no smoking will be allowed on site.

Theaters and outdoor entertainment venues will be able to livestream of performances; indoor theaters will be limited to 50% capacity or 100 persons, whichever is less; and outdoor theaters will be limited to 75% capacity or 250 persons, whichever is less.

Source: WBAL-TV