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Brigette X is well known in the industry and wear a lot of different hats. She tries not to call herself a Jacqueline of all trades, but she really is. Whenever I get the chance to really get to know  an entrepreneur woman and spotlight her talents, I love to do so. After witnessing so much Brigette has accomplished via watching her on social media it was only right for me to get an exclusive with her so my Q Community family can also get to know this powerhouse!

Raven Paris: So who is Brigette X? How would you define her?

Brigette X: Brigette has always been interested in different things. Before the pandemic, I had a salon in Hyattsville, right across from Plaza. I also had a photo studio in DC, where a lot of creatives work. I work for the newspaper. I write, do photography and videography for them. I’m the only person I think at the newspaper right now who does video, photography and who writes articles. I do a lot of different things because I don’t believe that we should limit ourselves to just one thing. I think, if God gave you the ability to do XYZ, then you should do it. I also believe in multiple streams of income. Doing different things brings me joy and happiness, and I think that’s what life is all about.

Raven Paris: Who were you inspired by growing up and what made you want to tap into the entertainment industry?

Brigette X: That’s a good question, um, I guess who I was inspired by growing up would be my dad. Both of my parents, they owned a company growing up. I saw entrepreneurship at a young age. My grandfather started the company. I spent a lot of time with him and learned what to do and what not to do from an early age. My family definitely inspired me the most business-wise but in the industry to be honest, I did not know any professional, female photographers growing up. I didn’t even think that photography was like, a real career. I felt like it was just something cute to do on the side as a hobby.

Mike and Bridgette

Source: Brigette X Photography

Raven Paris: Now, let’s now get into how you’ve been surviving this freaking pandemic. How are you managing during this pandemic and in what ways have you had to pivot in your business?

Brigette X: I lost a lot of money last year and now it’s trickling into this year. Events that had previously been booked have recently been cancelled due to COVID. I’ve learned a lot; like how important it is to have all of your business paper work ready, so when it’s time to apply for these loans and grants those documents are ready. The pandemic was rough. It is rough, which is why I do a lot of different things. I’ve learned to shift my mindset on what I can still do versus focusing on all the things, I cannot do. I ended up getting a job then I went back to school and got my degree in nutrition. I graduated in November of 2020, in an accelerated program at the University of Maryland.

Raven Paris: I know that you’re balancing homeschool with your son, your health and entrepreneurship, all at the same time. What are some self-care tips that keeps you going, that you can share with other people?

Brigette X: I take time to really focus on Brigette. During this quarantine, I’ve lost 60 pounds. I feel like before this, I was kind of doing this, doing that and not really engaging in self love or in self care. I had to really say, okay, you have time to focus on Bridgette, make sure Bridgette is good. So to the people, I would say, stop putting everybody else first. It’s not selfish to put yourself first, it’s actually very loving and caring to make sure that you’re healthy and able to take care of your family by putting yourself first. I also take a lot of baths, since I have this wonderful tub now. I light some candles and really relax. I schedule it and make it a priority. I also make it a priority to get my nails and feet done. I feel so great right now because I’ve been putting myself first. I’ve learned from this pandemic to just slow down a little bit and take some time for myself.

Raven Paris: What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in your journey as an entrepreneur?

Brigette X: You gotta wake up with joy, love and lots of energy. You have to be ready to just keep moving as an entrepreneur. Sometimes, we get really excited about things like, okay, this is going to be my big break and it doesn’t always happen. You can’t be disappointed when things don’t go your way, you just have to trust, that God is leading you in the right direction. I’ve learned to tell myself that I’m going to enjoy the good and the bad. You really have to embrace the journey because you’re learning something along the way. They always say, one rejection, maybe God’s protection.

Raven Paris: What are some of your goals that you’re working towards personally and professionally in 2021?

Brigette X: So many goals, um, personally just to be ultimately healthy. I’ve been waking up every morning and doing my six-pack routine while also eating healthy. I’ve never had a six pack before. I’ve been slimmer before, but I’ve never had a six-pack so I feel like that’s a whole challenge in itself. Another goal of mines is to just have healthy relationships. Business wise, I’ve always done very well; everything usually falls in line professionally, but personally it’s always something quite odd and I’m just like, what in the world? You know? So I would say focusing on my personal life, being as healthy as my professional life, and finding that balance. In order for us to thrive in our professional life, we gotta be balanced in our personal life. A lot of people like to overlook that, by working, working, working, but it’s going to come to a point where you have to face the mirror and say, okay, this is not going to work anymore and what are you going to do? Some things and some people can’t be around you, you know what I mean? Some people don’t deserve to be around you.

Raven Paris: What are some ways that we can support you and how can we follow you?

Brigette X: Well, if you are looking to lose weight, stay healthy, or just get back on track, you can hire me as your health and nutrition coach. If you need some professional headshots, I can do that. If you need a music video, I’m actually getting back into making those. I’ve been collaborating with a few of my videographer friends who can do drone work and everything. Overall, I’m a good resource if you’re trying to get something done, basically. Be sure to follow me on social media, I have a few accounts @Y O U R T O P I X  @brigettexphotography x @ebnflow_holisticare

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