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Some fans were frustrated after the well-anticipated Verzuz battle between Ashanti and Keyshia Cole was cancelled again.

“To protect the artists and everyone who works with us in putting the shows together, we’ll be going back to separate locations for a bit,” the Instagram-based show said in a statement. “Looking forward to getting back to the show in the coming weeks.”

The Second Cancellation

The battle was originally supposed to take place last year (dramatic) but had been cancelled due to Ashanti’s COVID-19 diagnosis. Clearly a sign of the year that was 2020 and many fans understood the situation.

Thankfully, Ashanti has since announced that she’s beat COVID-19. Which is why we were gearing up to see the battle this weekend. Some fans place blame on Verzuz’s evolution from a quarantine-based IG show to a big Hollywood production. They’re curious as to how we got away from where we started.

“Seriously dont know why this all can’t be done remotely…,” one Instagram user shared under the announcement. Another fan wasn’t looking forward to going back to the internet issues between separate locations. “We can’t go back to wack sound sound and continuous buffering!!!!” they commented.

Understand the growth. Miss the purity.

Add me to the list of people who miss the beginning days of Verzuz. It allowed our favorite artists get intimate with us.

I do understand how things grow and become more corporate, however. Increased popularity has the potential to also increase revenue. In order to step into that world, you’ve got to be professional and presentable to partners. At least that’s how I think Verzuz became what it is today. With the battle returning to having artists being in separate locations, I think we’ll get the best product from Verzuz. Now producers and parties involved know that whatever innovative things they want to add to the show, they must preserve the purity of what it feels like to live during a pandemic.

It was relatable and the artists felt just like us; humans under the restrictions of one of the toughest times in human history. Without that vibe, it just hit too different.