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Two legendary vocalists battled it out on Instagram live Saturday night (May 9th).

Erykah Badu and Jill Scott went head-to-head in a Neo-soul clash. What was supposed to be a battle actually felt more like a healing experience.

I grew up hearing these two ladies voices throughout my house. My mother and father love Jill and Erykah’s catalogs so much, they still light up when the records come on. It was really a dope experience to grow up following these ladies’ careers and it was just as dope to see them on VERZUZ Saturday night.

The two Neo-Soul titans opened the night exchanging greetings and well wishes to their families. “It’s good to see you,” they assured to each other. With everything that our world is facing, it truly is good to see them. From the moment the cameras turned on you could see their glow and you knew this night was going to be amazing.

Looking around the chat room you notice that we were joined by several celebrities and icons. At one point I almost dropped my phone when I realized that Michelle Obama was in the IG Live comments. Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah, Virgil Abloh and others were also checking into the show. It was pretty dope!

The “Healing” part?

Well, our communities have been rocked by a dark moment in time. It was refreshing to be greeted with so much light from Jill and Erykah. Also, the star-studded comment section reminded us that we’re still together through this time.

Over 700,000 people came together for this event. This was special.

Aesthetically, the vibe of the night was calming. Besides Erykah’s phone dying, it was a technically-sound evening that we all will remember for years to come. Their soft tones coupled with a genuine love for each other was the exact warmth we needed.

VERZUZ hits Atlanta and St. Louis.

Up next? Ludacris and Nelly will battle it out on Verzuz next weekend. Swizz Beatz and Timbaland made the announcement on Instagram following the battle between Jill and Erykah.

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