By far one of the most entertaining celebrities on Instagram, Gillie talks the talk, but now he is showing us by walking the walk. Last week he announced that he would be trying out for the 76ers G-League team the Delaware Blue Coats.

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Some congratulated him, some hated, but he proved to the world that not only does he have game, it’s never to late to chase your dreams!


The @Delawarebluecoats called me back, I just cried #TearsofJoy #1st40YrOldRooke #ChasinMyDreams #Never2late

We can’t lie, that jump shot is clean! He shared some videos of his tryout, and his video announcing he’s been invited back for round two of the tryouts!

If he, scratch that, WHEN HE makes the team, this has a real life Hollywood movie written all over it! We’re pulling for you Gil, RIGHT!





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