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Baltimore City Skyline

Source: Dre Johnson / Dre Johnson

This summer Baltimore city leads with 12 heat related deaths out of 25 in Maryland, making it the deadliest season in five years.

As the heat index rises to code red conditions, the Maryland Department of Health wants Marylanders to be informed on how to stay safe in the heat to prevent future deaths.

Here’s how you can stay cool for the rest of summer…

Stay in air condition when possible.

The key is to stay cool. Choose to stay home until the sun goes down or stay in doors when you can. If you don’t have air condition, go to a neighbor’s house or take a cold shower to cool down. Try to refrain from other outside activities.

Drink a lot of water.

It’s best to load up on water and not to wait until you’re thirsty to drink it. You should drink more water than you do normally. Carrying around a refillable water bottle can make the difference and help prevent dehydration. You should also avoid alcohol and sugary drinks.

Protect others.

Remember to not leave children or pets inside your car during hot days. Also check on the elderly, the sick, and people who may live alone to be sure they’re protected during the rise of temperatures.

Protect your skin.

Be sure to use sunscreen or lotion with a SPF of 15 or higher to guard your skin from the harsh sun. Wearing hats, light colors, and loose fitting clothes can be helpful as well to fight off the sun.

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