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The Skin is the first thing a person may notice when they meet you, so you want to make sure you always look good. You skin is a reflection of how you are taking care of yourself and how you are eating. The small things make a big difference like water, oils and foods. See how to take care of your skin now www.medicalnewstoday.com

1. Eat a healthful diet

There is a multibillion-dollar industry dedicated to products that keep your skin looking its best, and which claim to fight signs of aging. But moisturizers only go skin deep, and aging develops at a deeper, cellular level.

What you eat is as important as the products that you put on your skin. Your diet could improve your skin health from the inside out, so a clear complexion begins with eating a healthful diet.

Skin-healthy foods

Here are some foods that have been acknowledged by research as being skin-healthy.

Mangoes contain compounds with antioxidant properties. These compounds help to protectcomponents of the skin, such as collagen.

Tomatoes have skin cancer-prevention benefits. One study in mice revealed that daily tomato consumption decreased the development of skin cancer tumors by 50 percent after UV light exposure.

tomatoes on a wooden board

Consuming tomatoes on a daily basis may help to protect against skin cancer.

Research has shown that incorporating tomato paste into your meals may help to protect against sunburn. After 10 weeks, people who consumed 40 grams of tomato paste per day had 40 percent less sunburn than the control group.

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