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When it comes to Maryland roads, people love to complain which is understandable, considering there are bumps and potholes seemingly everywhere and they seem to just keep appearing.

However, in a ranking of 2018’s Best & Worst States to Drive In, where each state is ranked No.1-No.50 with No.1 being the best, Maryland comes in at No. 48, making it one of the worst states to drive in this year.

Now, how did Maryland get ranked No. 48?

Well, WalletHub, who created the list, ranked all 50 states with a total score that they got from four categories: Cost of ownership & maintenance, traffic & infrastructure, safety, and access to vehicles & maintenance.

Here’s how Maryland scored:

  • Cost of ownership & maintenance – 35th 
  • Traffic & infrastructure – 48th
  • Safety – 16th
  • Access to vehicles & maintenance – 21st

As for some of the other states, Texas is the No. 1 state to drive in, followed by Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and North Carolina. Leading at the worst state to drive in category is Hawaii at No. 50.

Click here to see the full list.

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