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Handgun on school books, close-up

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A bill was filed that would allow teachers and other school employees to carry guns inside of Maryland schools.

State Del. Rick Impallaria who represents part of Harford & Baltimore Counties introduced the bill in Annapolis.

“If there’s a school system who wants to work with local law enforcement to set up a set of guidelines and criteria to have certain school employees have the right to carry on premise, that’s what we’re looking for,” he said.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Is this really needed? via : IG & Twitter @drejohnson1 & @92qjamsbmore

_chessboard The Kids Come To School With Guns Anyway … So … Wtf ??

tytianna_thomas All I can think about is that episode of #SHAMELESS when all the teachers and staff had Guns

missingmomma No way

pullupkingfitness @drejohnson1 this wi definitely not work…. we are talking about Baltimore schools🤔 the kids will take the 🔫

quan_thedamsel It’s sad that its even a thought. Next thing you know some teacher is going to be full of stress or frustration and get to happy behind the trigger. Let that bill fly

damontejr This issue shouldn’t impact the students, but will impact other colleagues of teachers and mostly the parents. Students are, should be in school to learn, why else go to school? The conflict between colleagues and parents will be where you hear the first shot.

kev_oo2 I think ever school need metal detectors for real 💯

equanimity_clint83 Woah!! Woah!! Wait hol up do anyone smell 🤨 dictatorship coming or is it just me soon

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