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This new cannabis-infused wine is reportedly green and runs up to $400 for half a glass.

Worth a try?

You should know how they make it first.

According to SimpleMost:

It’s reported that the process used to make this weed-infused wine starts with around a pound of marijuana. The weed is then wrapped in cheese cloth and added to a barrel of wine, where it sits for nearly a year to ferment and repose.

For now, Canna Vine is available only in California to those who hold a medical marijuana license. But even if you are able to get your hands on this new green wine, you’re looking at a price range of anywhere from $120 to $4o0 for just a half of a bottle.

Canna Vine, which is green in color, is made with high-end organically grown marijuana. The creators are continuing to experiment with two new types of marijuana, sativa and indica, to find an equal balance of “uplifting and relaxing sensations.”

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