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Meek Mill,

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Meek Mill’s new album, Wins and Losses, is available now. Meek has been doing his promo to promote the album and even in a interview with a popular NY radio personality, Meek shared that he may have went about his problem with Drake the wrong way. While Meek said he was going to address everything on his album.


Birthday Bash Afterparty Featuring Meek Mill, DJ Drama And French Montana

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In his song, 1942 Flow, he addressed Drake a little bit. Referring to the ghost writing accusations, he spit, “I told n***as who wrote it, ain’t taking back what I quoted”.

However, there seems to be more stuff that Meek had to get off his chest. In an verse on the clean version Meek continued to spit, “Heard they say I talk about my Rollies too much/ But them flows you be using sounding stolen too much/ 500 on my neck, they say I’m glowing too much/ Had to block that little bitch because she blowing me up/ You be doing too much, you only looking for attention/ Swagger jacking, jacking n***as’ swag, that’s extentious/ Came in the culture like a vulture, now you winning/ But this is just the beginning, Double M the emblem for real.”

Some have begun to wonder why the hidden verse have now appeared. Things to make you go hmmmm……