Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts on the racist taunts towards #Orioles Adam Jones by fans at Boston’s Fenway Park? Do you think racism will ever end?

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whthershey209 It’s sad that people have to act like that

longwooddeepvoice No its never goin end some white families still raise there kids to not like black ppl

iamdjbunk@drejohnson1 sad, that we still worrying about race in today’s time, even in the sports world

og_mac73 I think Adam handled it the right way. No need to belittle yourself for ignorant racist people

sleek410 This is America. Racism is the blood of the nation. F*** that. Adam Jones had all the right to handle his business. I bet if the player was white and it was a black fan calling him “cracker” or “honky,” the situation would have been altered. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. He should have sued the fan or the Boston Red Sox organization for such acts. Hit them where it hurts. $$$. Boston fans are very rude and racist. I’m From New York and I don’t go to Yankee games when Boston comes to play. Cause they will make you catch a new one. Adam Jones handed that situation like a adult. You can’t change or fix stupid.

geneman1100 Racism will never end do to some of the white peoples are still teaching the kids to hate color people

ayegarvin As long as there is one person who holds prejudice toward someone else, there will always be racism. Our job now is to not foster such hate in our children.

sacrificedtheoldme Well it’s all in how you view history..I don’t think all white plp are racist..and how did the word actually form?..when white plp took the Africans from Africa were they racist then?? No..racism is a feeling just like jealousy..and curiosity and THATS why slavery happened..they were jealous of the plp..the culture..the pride.

_shestherealesst I think he handled himself well and said what needed to be said and I think the owner of the opposite team appropriately apologized.

krystallbaby426 I’m a fan of Jones and admire him for how he handled the situation. Racism in embedded in some but doesn’t exist in all of us. I’m glad he received an formal apology from the Red Sox and a standing ovation.

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