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Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida.

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Two Baltimore women were charged with a hate crime including arson and trespassing for burning a Trump sign in Princess Anne on the Eastern Shore. According to the State Fire Marshall, Joy Shuford, 19 and D’Asia Perry, 19 were arrested after the billboard was set on fire early Friday morning.

Officials say charges the fire caused $800 worth of damage.

Both women have been released on an unsecured $20,000 bond.


Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Two women from Baltimore were changed with committing a hate crime for burning a Trump sign on the Eastern Shore. What are your thoughts? via: IG, Twitter and Facebook @drejohnson1 @92qjamsbmore

whthershey209 It’s a sign. At least it wasn’t his orange ass Let them be.

chuck_taylor_the_driver Umm so this is a hate crime and white cops beating and killing young black males isnt????

simpleeshannee Doesn’t make sense at all . Would it be a hate crime if I threw a trump sign in the trash 🤔 he putting us in danger so I feel like he needs to be charged for endangering our lives

simpleeshannee He’s a hate crime within himself 😑

og_mac73 They should get an award. It’s obvious he hates this whole country

parris_monroe I mean at the end of the day, Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong but did they charged the K.K.K. with a hate crime when they burnt our churches to the ground. I guess now since its Trump its a big issue, what about when that happened to President Obama?

dayedreamz Free them

bms_ent Will trump get charged with a hate crime if we go to war North Korea and we get burned up🤔

thescreenwriter07 Free them, dump Trump!

bkqnzrose This is not a hate crime. Maybe vandalism but surely not hate.

Dorethea Stepney Powell What’s the crime? People burn trash all the time. 😳


Vonnie Long Damn near half the country hate Trump, so what’s the issue.
Dorethea Stepney Powell You mean more than half! 🤡🤥💩



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