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Police tape cordons off the crime scene

Source: JOSEPH EID / Getty

Baltimore Police say 28-year–old Shahidah Barnes was shot and found outside a hospital in NE Baltimore on Sunday. Barnes happened to be 21 weeks pregnant and the baby didn’t make it.

The suspect is the victim’s husband, 34-year-old Deron Barnes, who was found dead on Baltimore National Pike at the Baltimore City/County line.

An autopsy will determine his cause of death.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Sad story!!! What are some signs that you might be in a relationship prone to domestic violence?

@jpslater1983 Jealousy and insecurity ways’ This is sad man smh

@newdiva46 Control issues, trust issues obsessive. Been there for 14/ years

@mommy__of_the_year Some signs of domestic violence are controlling, keeping you isolated from friends and family, watch what you wear, verbally abusive, etc, but what persons allow will continue, my ❤️goes out to her family and friends #prayforourcity

@newdiva46 It took me a long time to get away and I did.

@_about_walijones @drejohnson1 trust issues,jealousy, insecurity,but most of the times some of them relationships come from both end cheating when they met now they can’t trust one another and some just have pride issues period I’ve seen a lot of people make excuses for their other half saying that they was just upset an so forth but the truth of the matter is most of them people be dealing with emotional issues gm

@parris_monroe Insecurity, Verbal and Physical Abuse….can play a very big factor…

@coach_smith6 Its sad…At the end of the day, if your significant other doesn’t want to be with you any longer, then keep it pushing. There are to many other people in this world for anybody to go crazy and kill over one..

@lindachinyere Controlling , isolation from family and friends , belittling , I went through it for 4 years so it’s really hard to break away til they try to take your life #domesticviolencesurvivor

@princebabymichael I was in abusive relationship years ago. The signs that i showed i never would go out. I’m still haunted by the abuse ,wearing scar on my face. But i got out for my children,because i would be no use to them if I wasnt here. I still have hate for him. I pray everyday that i let go of the hate. But i met a man who I married that showed me what true love is.

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