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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Yesterday, a bill to legalize and tax the use of recreational marijuana in #Maryland was announced. Do you agree or disagree?

bighomie475 Agree 💨💨

just_nick_2u Strongly agree!

taneshatheone Good morning Dre. This doesn’t mean much to me due to my position. Just another way to make money.

inthenikoftime23_ I think this comes at a bad time! If it’s passed and the federal law to drug test everyone that receive any type of govt benefits…ie housing etc. Is be interesting dynamics

steadfast_clint33 It’s been a long ……long time coming but I know change was gonna come – in the words of Sam Cooke 😂😂 nah they also need a law for jobs can’t fire you or not hire you cause of thc

bigstubby_ Strongly agree but my question is how will employees feel about it.

blacklivesmatter_scorpion Nope bad idea. They already walking around looking like zombie’s. Find another way to fill the gov. Piggy Bank. Nope.

reese_reese_reese I agree to it like they gonna do anyway n use it in the city…schools perhaps..they bout to let some teachers go…ijs

chimdadddy I agree but in my position it more than likely won’t do me any good😩🤦🏽‍♂️

christophergatling_bigc I agree with previous posts. If it is approved, there should be some language in the bill that makes it illegal for employers or govt agencies to deny benefits or jobs if found in a drug screen.

tarabishop1024 So it is legal to have smoke there now?

tag_uritt Legalize it!

thundercatjay How are they going to tax recreational weed, when they don’t sell it in the stores. They already took out the blunts without tobacco cause they couldn’t do the tobacco tax. This will be a great thing tho, but either way, imma get mine lol

tahscola_muzik I’m excited, just worried about what the tricks they gonna add to the bill? #smokesumn

overachiever06 Long overdue.

amoni.royce Regardless …I’m happy the govt is taking steps like this and I’m cool on a tax bc far too many times I’ve paid for “loud” only to get some dried up nasty s**t in bmore.

grizzly_bogard_ Wow !!! Everyone gets a job now

tyler_robinsonnn Legalize asap @92qjamsbmore

candice_1987_highlyfavored This will do so much, more jobs, less stress and will lessen some peoples need for pills and lower addiction to meds im advocate for cannabis and i feel this is long overdue and is great! Pass the bill!!

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