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Continued coverage of Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. A $2.3 million dirt bike track proposal is approved in Cleveland. Should Baltimore do the same? What are your thoughts?

whthershey209 It would be a nice thing to do. But they need to invest more money in the schools before they invest in that

jahfariibeads Yes! We can fund our own activities/parks, we act like we need funding from elsewhere when blacks have a conglomerate of money the just spend it in the club. We could have been bought land drew up a proposal and made it happen!

living_lovin15 if they can get the recreational center back first. then i don’t see why not!

successful_tonyYes I think it’s a good idea. Instead of pouring money into jails let’s actually build something to keep our people out of trouble

irock20pearlz The thrill of dirt bikes is riding through the streets and evading traffic and not getting caught from the police. There would be no thrill in a dirt park, thus empty like rec centers. The problem is lack of parenting not activities for children. These kids do what they want, when they want and their parents don’t have a clue where they are. Most don’t want to listen to rules, which is why a number of recreational centers are not packed.

blacklivesmatter_scorpion Hell To The Noooo! They are already reckless on the street’s So, to think how much more with a track. No. Try putting that money in a more positive light.

driver_nationAbsolutely, if you want to contain the problem you must first provide a solution and it must have realistic expectations!!!

prettyteefus @drejohnson1 no. Baltimore has a larger problems, like horrible streets, police training, drug counseling, etc.

tazeem_bihh Noo because than people will be getting killed over them bikes

southern_beauty81 Yes because the city and riders can both profit from it. It’s a better idea then the Grand Prix to me ijs

kryss_10 I wish they would find $2.3 million to put into these schools instead.

marzkeyz Yes sir🤘🏾

__nickey Yes

mobb_studio Yes 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

babyyyy.laniiii Yessssssss 😍💍

champagnetheauthor Just had this discussion with my mother as we were passing a tow truck with a dirt bike. She argued that if she has to pay registration and other things to keep her car on the road then people with other motorized vehicles, such as dirt bikes need to do the same. My argument is that dirt bike riding is usually for leisure. If they HAD parks like we doing out here in the County then I don’t think they’d be such a danger in the city.

shaeandmanimommy No Baltimore school’s need it more they going to still ride in the street so what’s the point 🤔🤔

ygg.mar03 Yea fuck schools

_the4_js I think yes. They hate them on our streets and it’s a hobby to some and a joy watching to others. Build it… #baltimore #bikelife

rest_in_peace_dayoHell yea they should #bikelife

concreterosegrows I’ve been saying this for years. Maybe if our kids had somewhere to go and programs that could guide them into turning this into a profession we could present our youth with new possibilities.

meikross Yes it would be Epic

just_nick_2u Would they use it? It was a dirt bike track in Glen Burnie they never used. The trill of ride on the street reckless I think is more appealing to some dirt bike riders.

moving_in_silents35 Yeah

mrsbcorprew @drejohnson1 If we can get an approval for anything put that money into the school system. 💯

free2bemearies Yesss! Give them somewhere to ride!

gnf_maine Heeeeelllllk yeah give us a park

gem_powaz Defintely!!! Public Safety should be a well as giving our seeds somewhere to ride in a quasi controlled area without the daily hazards

mchp_grump Naw

conservative_410👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻Absolutely not!! Why invest money in something that will be a meeting ground for drug dealers, thugs and gangs? Invest it in schools or knocking down these vacant or how about more police with better training systems.

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