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Loretta Lynch Visits Baltimore

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts on Baltimore and the DOJ agreeing to a consent decree which will reform the police department? @92qjamsbmore

jessicamariemua Bout time!!!!

dynamic_comp Hopefully it will help because some not all city cops are terrible. And it’s been happening for a long time. Abusing power and wasting taxpayers money. Protect and serve not harass and detain.

leroymillergrandson Hopefully this will help the BPD become a better department.

og_mac73It’s sounds good, and all. The issues are going to come with policing the police while on the streets.

chuckstarr39 I think that it’s about time…something has to change so that change can change. They can reform all they want, but we as citizens must change as well…it’s almost like changing ur draws without washing ur ass…u still dirty…ijs

joel_gamble Bro it is going to take Police and the community connecting and building relationships…how can you serve a community if you never have positive interaction with the people…if your only interaction with inner city young men is that of a negative light then your perception of them will become negative…we must provide programs that allow police and the community to have that positive interaction so that relationships are formed. Only then will police and the community look at each other from another perspective having empathy for others ….

boozer83 Definitely a good start. But what message is it sending that those police officers in the Freddy grey case are able to sue for wrongful prosecution. I just wonder if those thing will counteract

iamdjbunk It’s cool, but I just hope it doesn’t cost our city so much money, when we can put money into other things in our city, such as housing and schools

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