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WTH?! Thursday! Sexting Wife Busted Cheating When Photo Reveals Another Man's Boots In The Room

Source: NewsOne Now Screenshot / NewsOne Now

Have you ever been with someone and realized their sexual hygiene was bad? How would you handle it.

Dwayne Torain You have to be honest and tell them in a non offensive way if u really rock with them.

whthershey209 Oh lawd u gotta do the sniff test first 😂😂😂. Wash yo balls and all!!!

1stbornson @drejohnson1 I would say babe come in the shower with me and let’s have some clean fun LMAO 😂

the_newtonshow PH balance was off smh.. Don’t wanna talk about it

flashegordone 😂😂😂 Hell yeah I have. I said straight up damn why you smelling like that? You need to get yo self together and I backed off cthu.

dopeleo83 Hell yeah that’s why I don’t do fat boys because of that I know I’m a fat girl but I never got that charge 😂😂😂😂

est_82_geminishortie 😂

cxldheartedmoo You gotta go . ✅👌

Melissa Green You referring to body odor or the condition of their undies? I mean specifically what?


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