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Do you think jealousy plays a part when being in a relationship?

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Not if you both keep it 💯–we talk everything

blacklivesmatter_scorpion Yes, Just ended on jealousy. This is why I only date within my compatible signs. Never fails.

hennyboiblay Yes

__lovingmykids1 Yes sometimes

o_so_lalalicious You can’t have a successful relationship and have jealousy of any kind. If your partner isn’t secure within their self and their position in your life than the jealousy comes across as lack of trust and will cause problems. If either person is jealous of the others accomplishments, abilities, or drive etc it will come across as resentment and their more like to attempt to sabotage what you have and hinder you from achieving more. All of it’s a setup for a let down…

lenoranailcolors If you let it…

briame21 I don’t understand jealousy period but in relationships it causes unspoken elephants in the room. Unfortunately it is more common than one might think. If both partners are secure enough in themselves then it may not affect it as much but it surely will affect it a little.

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