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Family eating dinner at table

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Dre’s #nightcap.. Should a woman fix her mans plate 1st or her children’s?

Chevel Vaughn If they are eating dinner as a family this makes it less complicated. But if you had to choose make your “husbands”. He worked to provide for it. Unless you and the husband has another agreement

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Depending on the dynamics of the ‘family’ and the role her ‘man’ actually play. If he brings everything to the table, a ‘daddy’ to his children (or hers), and provide for them–yes. If he’s just the flavor of the week/month–HELL NAW!!

Corahnda Carter St Cyr I fix our children plates first and then ours. He would have a fit if I fixed his before our children’s.

Ryan Wilbur Jenkins Randolph My Kids Eat first

E Shemar Bolden I’m sorry Dre, as a grown man I can fix my own plate. Take care of the kids first. Now if it’s just her and I then sure I would not mind at all if she fixed my plate before her.

Dwayne Torain I agree. The kids and elders eat first

Tammy T Sapp I think most men would prefer for their children to have their plate first because he is their provider and protector just like the mother. Your babies/kids can get their plates first. But my mother always made sure my dad plate was first because he would always work close to 24 hours no sleep but my dad always wanted us to eat first.

Bentley Mercidenz I said my children they will always be also if he was raised properly he would know children comes first come on let’s keep the FAITH

Tashia Smith I fix my child plate first… Then I either fix his plate or tell him the good is done and he can fix his own plate.

Etosha Price My child first and he should understand and respect that.

Tiffanie Thebeautiful Aquarian The kids eat first

Melissa Green My children will/has always been first. Then him and finally me. In that order!!!

Dreamchasing E Curry She’s suppose to fix her husband He is the Head of the Household

Tonyajustme Thomas It don’t matter to me who ever come in get that sh*t first lls 😂😂😂😂😂

tyshawna_mommy24 Her Kids Her Man Can Wait


cristalonair Depends…..My Granny would feed Pop Pop first but they were petty lol His ass would have a completely different meal then us most of the time…We eating Spaghetti and salad (Which was good) His ass would have steak…Long story short if he provides the food he eats first…..

whthershey209 Kids should come first

blacklivesmatter_scorpion Children always

blacklivesmatter_scorpion That female said he King of the house OK, he can be king of the jungle and he still ain’t eating 1st. in here. Lol!

spoiled_redbone I make sure my son eats 1st…..my man and i eat last

I guess people no longer sit together as a family say a prayer then eat.. Doesn’t matter who gets the first plate we are digging in together..

hvnlysweet My opinion, the husband-who is the head of the household should have his plate made first! Children who witness this are also being taught respect…my opinion and in my household…

loyal_will Children

2gifted_tracy @92qjamsbmore children

5inangel Children!!!!!

brown1014z Man

boykin79 Feed the kids 1st!

dopeleo83 Hell no feed the kids first

joequita7 My kids. A real man would prefer it too

_keefygangbitch Kids

btb_party Kids

on2danextone_36 Kids its a must

iamkenyav Depends how old the kids are 0-9 I’ll fix your plate first but other wise everybody fix the own damn plate lol

msnewbitch4ever A woman should always Fix’s her kids plate first and then her man or who ever else..

jamanah_is_her_namekids first men come and go fuck that

an_ty_social Husband then kids…. If you’re not married then it’s kids first then your man 2nd

charmcitytia I actually make all plates at the same time, they don’t come to the table in any particular order, they just come running when that dinner call goes out. More importantly the question should be are people still eating as a family, or surprises me how many people don’t.

fivekids2many Not boyfriends your husband then kids that’s what the Bible say

tabtrilly This question comes up every so often. My question is, will the man ever serve the woman and family?

his_wife7714 All are made at the same time…….but the 1st Plate is usually the baby. ..then the oldest child…then my husband. .then me…..I don’t think it’s that big of a deal….but my husband and i both work so the kids will be able to eat..so of they go 1st the so be it

theresa82_ Children first

meka2damnmuch Well growing up in my household kids eat first no matter what the day is. All adults eat after the kids even the person who cooked.

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