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If a teacher was involved in a sexual relationship with a student 18 or over, should they be charged with a sex crime?

whthershey209 Hell yea. She’s supposed to be his teacher…his mentor…someone he can trust while he is here. Not someone who takes advantage. And she should be ashamed Her husband was there too. Shit is sad.

loyal_will No sex charge… That’s a young guys dream.. But if the teacher was a male I wouldn’t approve of that.. 💯

mrgee857 Nope that’s wrong R.Kelly has a 18-year-old girlfriend

loyal_willGotta add… She is dead wrong for cheating. I wonder what the student has to say about it

peezie31 No he legal. Where these teachers was at when I was in school…ijs

cristalonair Naw

ppm_parris He legal….the end

teddy5989 No way he’s 18

candykane691 18 or older is their choice.

teddy5989 Now under 18 I don’t think that’s cool

jakai42 At least be out of school for a year. Then at least it won’t seem like you’re a true WOLF!!!!

killerbees09 of legal age

beck_a_licious However immoral this may be it is not a crime. It’s very inappropriate tho and she should be fired immediately and the husband need to be meeting with a lawyer!!

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