Tommy returns home with a revelation as to who tried to take him out.

Tommy explains to Holly who tried to kill him Power Season 3, Episode 305

Tommy tells Holly that it wasn’t Lobos that tried to kill him but it was the Koreans. Tommy is frantically searching for his phone but can’t find it. Holly on the other hand still isn’t trying to hear her boyfriend and tells him even though it wasn’t Lobos who tried to kill him that he still wants them dead if he doesn’t kill Ghost. Tommy knows that and now realizes he has to reach out to Ghost and warn him. Tommy decides he has to go find Ghost but Holly stops him telling him she doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Tommy looks at her like:

Unsung Cruise


This is where this episode gets super intense now.


Ghost in the meantime is in good spirits again now that him and Riq are on good terms again.

Ghost and Riq heading to the game Power Season 3, Episode 305

The father son duo are on their way to the basketball game debating about music during the drive there.  Their bonding sessions is quickly interrupted when Ghost feels some hit the back of his truck. He quickly gets out the car to investigate what happened.Oh shit we know what’s about to go down but poor Ghost doesn’t.

Back at the Egan residence Holly finally reveals to Tommy exactly what she has done.

Holly tells Tommy about the hit on Ghost Power Season 3, Episode 305

Holly tells Tommy that they won’t have to worry about Lobos anymore after tonight. Tommy quickly responds with his signature “what did you do?” and Holly reveals to him that she took matters into her own hands since he was taking his sweet time to handle business.

Of course Tommy is absolutely livid at this point!

Tommy is pissed Power Season 3, Episode 305

Holly finally reveals to Tommy that she hired the Jamaicans to kill Ghost. Tommy get’s even more pissed and decides he has to find Ghost but Holly tells him it’s too late.

We zap back to Ghost who learns that he’s been cornered by the Jamaicans.

The Jamaicans corner Ghost Power Season 3, Episode 305

They hop out the car assault rifles in hand ready to take out Ghost, meanwhile his son Riq is in the front seat. Ghost glances at his potential murderers before he turns to look at his son while two guns are drawn on him.


Back at Tommy’s house a full-blown argument has broken out between Tommy and Holly and things are starting to get physical.

Holly and Tommy arguing Power Season 3, Episode 305

Tommy is still in denial and can’t believe what Holly has just done. Holly still tries to convince Tommy that she had to do it but he doesn’t want to hear it. He tells her to get out of his apartment, Holly then decides to slap him for some strange reason.


Tommy immediately pushes Holly to floor after she slaps him, Holly quickly gets up and jumps right back in Tommy’s face.

Things are getting heated between Holly and Tommy Power Season 3, Episode 305

Holly is absolutely disgusted that Tommy wants to kick her out and chose Ghost over her. She points out everything Ghost has ever done to Tommy and herself but it’s not working. Holly still tries to convince Tommy it’s just them and Ghost had to go but it’s just not getting through to Tommy. She finally touches a nerve when she says the relationship between Ghost and Tommy is just not normal. Tommy snaps and begins to strangle Holly but she manages to knee him in the groin and escape.


We zap back to Ghost and it’s not looking good for our favorite character at all.

Ghost is in Danger Power Season 3, Episode 305

Ghost stops looking at Riq and focuses back on his would be killers and it looks like he has come to terms with the fact he is about die.

Drake Disses Meek Mill on New freestyle "Back to Back"

Ghost takes a deep breath as he feels death starting to creep up on him. The suspense had me like:

Drake Disses Meek Mill on New freestyle "Back to Back"

As soon as it looks like the Jamaicans are about to pull the trigger, bullets from an unknown location take out the Jamaicans.


So who saved Ghost’s ass?

Dean to the rescue Power Season 3, Episode 305

Dean comes out of nowhere with military precision and takes out the Jamaicans easily. Looks like he was worth every single penny Ghost spent on him. Visibly in shock at what just took place, Dean snaps Ghost out of the trance and tells him to leave and they will take care of it. Riq is still in the car and didn’t hear or notice a damn thing going on.

Those sleek headphones that good 50?

Meek Mill Shouts Out Drake During Concert

Ghost hops back in the car visibly shaken, he tells Riq he has to take to him home and Riq isn’t too happy hear that. Ghost doesn’t tell his son what happened but just informs him to put his seat belt on and don’t argue with him they got to get the hell out of dodge.

It’s still going down in Tommy’s house and Holly finally pushes the right button to send Tommy completely over the edge.


The moment Tommy was over Holly Power Season 3, Episode 305

Holly makes the huge mistake of telling Tommy he doesn’t exist without Ghost and that was the final straw for him. He grabs Holly and begins to strangle every ounce of breath out of his pregnant girlfriend.

The final straw for Tommy Power Season 3, Episode 305

Holly this time can’t escape Tommy’s grasp she scratches his hands as his grip gets tighter and her breaths get shorter. Tommy doesn’t let up until she passes out, Tommy let’s go and Holly’s lifeless body falls to the ground.


Ladies and gentleman Holly is dead!


Now I know she is pregnant and that’s unfortunate BUT we all can agree Holly had to go!



Tommy realizes what he has done Power Season 3, Episode 305

Poor Tommy, he slowly calms down and comes back to his senses, he still was probably bit on edge from the booger sugar (cocaine) he did with his mom. He realizes he did something pretty awful, but in the end though Tommy it was for the greater good.

While Tommy holds his now dead girlfriends corpse, his phone rings.

Lobos Calls Tommy Power Season 3, Episode 305

It’s Lobos on the line informing him he’s going to need his help to spring him when they transport him. This will definitely come into play later on in the season.

Lobos’ inside guy Mike is feeling real good at the moment and Angela scores some more good news.

Angela talks with Mike Power Season 3, Episode 305

Angela learns from Mike that Lobos is being transferred and that he is snitching on the Jemenez cartel. Mike tells her this is a good thing since they will be putting away Lobos and landing a bigger fish. Of course we also know Mike is saving his own ass from having Lobos unleash Hugo on him and his family.

With that news Angela heads home to tell Ghost.

Ghost admiring Angela for helping him Power Season 3, Episode 305

She finds Ghost sitting to himself still clearly shaken by the events that took place earlier in the night. Angela informs him that she took care Ruiz and that Lobos will no longer be a problem for him. Ghost has a look of complete admiration for Angela on his face as she did him a huge solid.

Ghost and Angela Power Season 3, Episode 305

Angela is taken back by the look on Ghost’s face after she tells him what she did. She asks him has no one helped him before? He admits that no one has every helped him like that and as a reward he shows her the separation papers cause right now Angela is a real one. Angela is ecstatic and it looks like for the time being all is right in their world again.

We are going to assume they had an intense smash session Ghost decides to throw on the black hood and go check on his friend Tommy.

Ghost throws on the hood Power Season 3, Episode 305

He breaks into Tommy’s apartment to and to his surprise he finds his friend in dire straights.

Tommy needs Ghost's Help Power Season 3, Episode 305

Tommy is still in shock and is sitting on the floor next to Holly’s corpse. Tommy looks up at Ghost and asks for help with the situation.

They wrap up Holly’s body and go dispose of it, after it’s all said and done the two finally decide it’s time to bury the hatchet.

Tommy and Ghost are back Power Season 3, Episode 305

Ghost confirms to Tommy that it was him that saved him from the Koreans  that night. In return Tommy tells Ghost that Lobos wants both him and Ghost dead. Tommy also finds out that his nephew Riq was with Ghost when the hit went down. He tells Ghost that it was Holly who set up the hit and that’s why he killed her. It’s there they both decide that they have reunite to take out Lobos together. Tommy and Ghost ARE BACK!


I don’t know how Courtney and the Power writers are going to top this episode but man it was EVERYTHING. Be sure to follow us @TheSFPL for our commentary during each episode. WE CANNOT WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK!

Stay Fly!


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