Ghost decides that a good way to bond with his son is to take him to place of business the club.

Ghost brings Riq to the club Power Season 3, Episode 305

He gives Riq an envelope containing court-side seats to the basketball game but he quickly snatches them back telling Riq he intended on them being a gift but due to Riq’s actions he’s going to have to earn them instead.

Andre meets Riq Power Season 3, Episode 305

Dre greets the both of them and Ghost tells Riq to help Dre unload the alcohol shipment which will serve as his job to earn his tickets. Dre doesn’t look all that excited about it but he takes Riq to the bar to get to work.

Unsung Cruise

Proctor is still in the Federal Building and makes a startling discovery.

Proctor spots Ruiz Power Season 3, Episode 305

The building is being cleared of all non-essential personnel to make way for a high-value federal witness. Proctor using his keen senses bribes the security guard to hold the elevator door so he can see who it is. Proctor discovers the witness is none other than Ruiz being escorted by Angela.


Speaking of Angela, realizing whats at stake here she knows she has to be in that room while Greg and Saxe interrogate Ruiz. Before she can set foot in there she responds to a text from Jamie asking her to stop by the club because he has something to show her. She tells him she will try but doesn’t make any promises, so proceeds to go into the room and is stopped by her boss.

Angela is caught up Power Season 3, Episode 305

He tells Angela that she should get the ball rolling by starting pre-trial motions and jury selection. He tells her to walk with him so they can discuss what exactly what he wants done. Uh oh looks like she can’t keep an eye on Greg and Saxe.

Greg and Saxe have Ruiz all to themselves with the presence of his lawyer.

Power Season 3 2016

They make their pitch to Ruiz handing him two folders with containing details of the deal they are will to reach with him. Ruiz opens the folder skims over it and was like:


Ruiz was not impressed with the offer.

Power Season 3 2016

He quickly points out that wasn’t the deal they originally agreed upon as they now want him to give up the whole operation not just Lobos as they initially agreed. They hit a stalemate as Ruiz’s lawyer asks to be left alone with his client.

Proctor catches up with Ghost at Truth and delivers him some bad news.

Proctor telling Ghost about Ruiz Power Season 3, Episode 305

Proctor tells Ghost that he saw Ruiz at the Federal Building and that Angela was with him. Proctor asks if Angela told him about Ruiz being back in town Ghost tells him no.

Ghost is mad Angela didn't tell him Power Season 3, Episode 305

Visibly upset that Angela hasn’t come to him with that information, Proctor has him second guessing his relationship with her.

Separation Papers Power Season 3, Episode 305

Before Proctor leaves he hands Ghost the separation papers he asked for, hmmmm Ghost thinks twice about showing these to Angela now after the news Proctor just told him.

Riq and Dre have a nice little conversation while stocking up the bar in the club.

Riq and Dre bonding Power Season 3, Episode 305

Riq tells Dre that he got suspended from school, Dre reveals even he got in trouble at school. Dre tells Riq wanting to do better for his daughter is the reason he is that club. Riq asked him did he know Shawn and Dre tells him he did and he’s met him a few times. Riq tells Dre that he thinks his father didn’t care when Shawn died and Dre comes to the defense of Ghost saying he did.He tell’s Riq that Ghost took Shawn’s death very hard when he found out about it.

Holly is on pins and needles and the Jamaicans aren’t helping either.

Holly is nervous Power Season 3, Episode 305

The Jamaicans are ready to do the job and hit up Holly requesting an address as to where they can find Ghost? Tommy’s mom is still at the apartment and requests a pick me up from her own son Tommy.

anigif_enhanced-30842-1417675720-1‘Super weird family!

Tommy and His Mom Doing Coke together Power Season 3, Episode 305

In a very strange scene Tommy and his mom proceed to partake in some booger sugar (cocaine) together . Holly is just watching like:

Power Season 2, Episode 9 Recap

Tommy and Kate ask Holly if she wants a hit and she turns it down for obvious reasons only known to us and Tasha. Kate asks Holly how did she meet her son and Holly tells her she met him when she worked at the club. Kate tells her that messing with the boss is always the way to go when you don’t want to work anymore.

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The cocaine binge is interrupted by a knock on the door, Tommy already on edge picks up his gun to check who is at the door.

Tasha arrives with Tommy's paperwork Power Season 3, Episode 305

Tasha stops by to deliver the checks Tommy asked for. She is surprised to see Tommy’s mom is there at the apartment.

Tasha and Kate Power Season 3, Episode 305

Kate greets Tasha with cocaine residue still on her nose and all.

Image (4) pickupbarnani.gif for post 109767

Kate asks Tasha how is everything with Ghost and Tasha tells her that she doesn’t see much of him anymore and that Ghost moved out. Tasha is in a rush so she gets Tommy to sign the checks and then tries to get Kate to leave with her but she’s too hungry at the moment and refuses to leave. Kate and Tommy head to the kitchen to see what Tommy has to eat leaving Tasha and Holly to talk.


Tasha finds out Holly hasn't told Tommy about the baby yet Power Season 3, Episode 305

Holly brings up the fact that Kate and Tommy does blow together and Tasha says well this is Kate we are talking about. Tasha then says wait till she finds out about the baby and Holly was like:

Image (3) 10385350.gif for post 112054

Holly quickly deflects and apologizes to Tasha for Kate bringing up Ghost. Holly then gets Tasha to tell her where exactly Ghost is by asking her where is he? Tasha tells Holly that Ghost is at the club as usual planning for a party. Now she has the location to send to the Jamaicans to carry out the hit.

Greg gets his one on one time with Ruiz and tries to make his power move.

Greg makes a Power move on Ruiz Power Season 3, Episode 305

It took some scare tactics on Greg’s part but he is able to convince Ruiz to take his deal and give up the whole operation. This is not looking good for Ghost at all!

Ghost meats with his new head of security Dean to talk about his personal detail he requested.

Dean tells Ghost to leave Power Season 3, Episode 305

Dean apologizes to Ghost for losing sight of him the other night (he actually didn’t) at the club. Ghost tells him not to worry about it as he went out to get some fresh air (save Tommy’s ass). Ghost then tells Dean he will no longer need a personal detail as the threat is gone and that him and his men will only concentrate on the clubs. Dean agrees of course.

Ghost then shifts his focus on Riq who is occupied in the DJ booth. Ghost sees a perfect opportunity to have a much-needed conversation with his son.

Riq and Ghost Bonding Power Season 3, Episode 305

Ghost breaks the ice by showing his son he officially joined “the Twitter”. Riq immediately laughs at his dad for sounding old and corrects him. Ghost finally gets serious and tells Riq to talk to him and tell him what’s wrong and why did he take Angela’s gun? Riq opens up and tells him that he’s mad at his dad for the way he left the family and moving in with Angela. Ghost mans up to his son and apologizes for his actions.

Riq and Ghost have a moment Power Season 3, Episode 305

A simple I’m sorry was all Riq needed as he embraced his dad and gives him a hug. You can clearly see he misses his dad being home.


Mike has a lot to worry about, he is losing control on this case and his boss is really close to being put away forever and that’s definitely not a good look for him or his family.

Mike is nervous about how things are going Power Season 3, Episode 305

The gang learns that Ruiz is coming back to talk and spill the beans thanks to a little coercing from Greg, Their boss also announces that he wants Ruiz transferred to D.C.immediately, Mike immediately jumps on it.

Finally some good news for Mike Power Season 3, Episode 5

Mike leaves the meeting with a slight grin on his face as he sees a clear opening to help his secret boss Lobos escape. Angela and everyone else leave the office after hearing the news leaving just Saxe and Greg to talk. Saxe closes the door and immediately asks Greg what did he do?

Angela wastes no time and runs to go see Ghost following the meeting, she doesn’t know that Ghost knows what’s going on with Ruiz already.

Angela warns Ghost about Ruiz Power Season 3, Episode 305

Angela tells Ghost that he may need to lawyer up, we already know Ghost has a good one of those in Proctor. He asks Angela if she was ever gonna tell him about Ruiz ? Angela counters his question wondering how in the hell did he know about Ruiz? Ghost answers her question by telling her he learned about Ruiz from someone but unfortunately it wasn’t her.


Ghost explains to her that he got rid of Ruiz to help the both of them and now he’s back and he doesn’t know if he can trust Angela anymore.

Ghost and Angela argue about trust Power Season 3, Episode 305

Ghost then tells her to take care of it or he’s going to have to do it himself and we all know he’s pretty good when it comes to making people permanently disappear.

There was only one time he messed up and that mistake comes back to haunt his new young protegé Dre.

Dre is stressed Power Season 3, Episode 305

Dre walks into apartment thinking he was coming home to his girlfriend and his daughter. Instead he’s welcomed by a very healthy Kanan playing with his daughter who looks absolutely terrified and we don’t blame her.

Kanan and Dre's terrified daughter Power Season 3, Episode 305

Kanan expresses his disappointment in Dre for choosing to side with Ghost over him. He slowly starts to move towards the window holding Dre’s daughter and Dre is absolutely shook. Dre then breaks down and tells Kanan he’s been doing what he wanted and he’s positioned himself in an even better position with Ghost. Dre even points out that he was hanging out with Ghost’s son at the club.

Kanan buys what Dre is selling and tells him to be ready when he calls, before he leaves Kanan compliments Dre’s apartment and points out that he didn’t have shit at one point.

After her meeting with Ghost looks like Angela is going to try to help her man out.


Angela meets with Ruiz Power Season 3, Episode 305

She is the next person to meet with Ruiz alone to plant a different seed in his ear and change his thinking. Angela tells Ruiz that he should just focus on Lobos and no one else. She tells him that he still owes Ghost for saving his life and that his code prevents him from snitching on Ghost. Looks like her argument works cause it leaves Ruiz impressed with her pitch. But will he follow through and not snitch on Ghost and Tommy?

Speaking of Tommy we head back to his apartment and Holly is pressuring him more to kill Ghost more now that ever.

Holly pressuring Tommy to Kill Ghost Power Season 3, Episode 305

Holly is fed up that his mom is still there and Kate is pretty comfortable for the moment. She receives a text from the Jamaicans telling her that they are in position. Kate decides to tell the story about when Ghost beat up some neighborhood bullies harassing Tommy because he was the only white kid in the hood. You can see the story resonated with Tommy and it got him thinking about the past. Like all episode long there’s a loud knock on the door and Tommy goes to answer it gun drawn.

Julio and Tommy Power Season 3, Episode 305

It’s Julio bearing some interesting news about the Koreans,Holly in the meantime sends the confirmation to the Jamaicans to take out Ghost. Julio tells Tommy about Dylan being shot dead, then he reveals that he was shot in front of the same church Tommy was at after his pick-up from the priest.Tommy asks Julio if there was any word on who took them out, Julio tells him no. Tommy was like:


Julio leaves, Tommy tells his mom it’s time for her to do the same.

Kate tells Tommy to get rid of Holly Power Season 3, Episode 305

Kate and Holly exchange their goodbyes and while they working out Kate whispers to Tommy that he should get rid of Holly.

Image (2) tumblr_mimfc9ZGDk1rfduvxo1_500.gif for post 112276

Tommy of course doesn’t want to hear that from his mom and tells her to be nice. Before they walk out the door he asks her if she believed that story she told about Ghost and she tells him of course she does.

Back at the Federal Building Ruiz meets with the feds again to spill the beans.

Ruiz protects Ghost Power Season 3, Episode 305

Greg and Saxe think they’re about to get the whole syndicate and especially the real name of Ghost. Ruiz completely blindsided them and tells them he doesn’t know who Ghost is. Angela was like:

Angela one ups Greg Power Season 3, Episode 305

Looks like Angela came through for Ghost after all and stuck it to Greg in the process. Her boss not wanting to miss out landing anyone tells them just to get Lobos and move on.

Mike meets up with Lobos to deliver the good news to him that could help him be a free man again.

Power Season 3

Mike tells Lobos to sign a federal agreement stating that he will get a reduced sentence in exchange for information on the Jemenez cartel. Lobos initially isn’t on board with the plan and yolks Mike up swiftly.

Mike has a plan for Lobos Power Season 3, Episode 305

Mike then explains to Lobos if he signs it they would have to transfer Lobos and take him Teterboro airport. It’s up to Lobos if he makes it there or not giving the frisky drug lord an opportunity to escape federal custody.  Lobos immediately likes the idea and even awkwardly flirts with Mike who wants nothing to do with any of that.


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