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Tory Lanez has been in all of the blogs lately! Everyone has had something to say as they have pinned him against his Toronto native, Drake. When Tory rolled thru ‘Kels In The Afternoon’, there were not ANY mentions of Drake. The listeners who showed up for the ‘Luv Lounge’ could care less, they just wanted to know more about him and his upcoming album, I Told You, which is dropping on August 19th. The album features no artist features, but Tory told Kelson that if you play it from beginning to end, it plays like a movie. In this live interview, Tory spoke about his relationship with Da Baddest Trina, losing ‘Best New Artist’ at the BET Awards and why he is musically better than ANYONE. One thing he made clear is that he hasn’t allowed the fame to change who he is. He still slides in DMs and feels embarrassed when he gets no reply. Peep the interview with Tory Lanez.

On How He Describes His Music:

“Swavy…It’s multi-genred if that makes sense. It just means that I’m able to fuse one or more genres together and still keep it true to myself.”

On What The Difference Is Between Singing Tory vs Rapping Tory:

“I don’t know. I think I’m phenomenal at both if you ask me. That’s for the people to decide.”

On Him Being Cocky:

“I’m not cocky at all. Like I said, I say this all the time.. I think cocky is thinking that you’re like better than everybody in real life. I’m not better than nobody in real life. Emotionally we’re the same person, Physically we’re the same person, Mentally we’re the same people. Feel me? But musically, I’m better than all of y’all. I don’t care how y’all feel about that.”

On Why There Are No Features On “I Told You”:

“I wanted people to get me. For me to talk this big and say the things that I say, people may take it as cocky or whatever..but for me to talk this big, my music has to be this big. The one thing that I haven’t done that alot of artist have-I haven’t dropped an album yet. There’s all this comparison to, “Tory this and Tory That”, on a world scale, all of the artist you got to drop your album. I haven’t dropped mine yet. My album is coming out on August 19th, so at the end of day you’ll understand why I say the things I say. At the end, you can judge my music from a broad scale…and then we can see who’s talking.”

On Not Winning BET’s ‘Best New Artist Award’:

“I was like these n*ggas trippin’. Straight up! Like y’all know I deserved the award but you know at the end of the day, next year I’ll go back and get more.

How Is It Working with Trina & If He’s Dating Her:

It’s fun…We’re not a couple (mumbles inaudible audio)…I choose not to participate in this question.”

On Still Doing Regular Stuff:

“I don’t allow my fame to cage me in. I still go outside. I didn’t come here with security today. I dont allow myself to get into it like that. I go outside. I talk to people. I definitely slide in DMs. Some girls still don’t reply to me…it is what it is. I think they just don’t see my DMs.”

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Meet & Greet: Luv Lounge w/ Tory Lanez
Luv Lounge w/ Tory Lanez
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