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Calls For Removal Of Confederate Flag Outside SC Statehouse Grow In Wake Of Race-Fueled Charleston Church Shooting

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‪#‎nightcap‬.. Have you ever experienced racism and if so, how did you respond? ‪#‎thezone‬

Charles Smith Some years back i was crossing the street towards an elderly Caucasian women, and she hugged her purse tightly against her chest…and I could actually read her lips saying “nooo”…she looked around 70ish…she was really scared…I felt bad for her

b3aut3 I have in Jacksonville FL; north side walking back to my dorm room with my room-mate around 1:00am off from work at Burger King…. I was 18 years old with a back pack and fast food restaurant uniform…. 2 white cops asked us if we were prostitutes laughing thank god for campus security coming out and asking what was going on otherwise my story might have been different or I wouldn’t be here to tell it

tly828_iamhair Yes, impulse took over . I live in Howard County. this guy was tailgating me so hard, if I even tapped the brakes he would’ve slammed in the back of me. As I approached a red light I was so scared but he pulled next to me, we both put our windows down and he just yelled out F’ing NI***ER!! OMG I bust a U-turn followed to see where he was going and called my fiancé . Caught him sitting at the bar (loner) my fiancé made him apologize to this ni**er and told him never to disrespect a black woman again in his life .. I’ve never felt so hurt in my life . Wow all I kept thinking still we deal with this in 2016

mrs_fabre Yes I travel to work in Westminster Maryland in the hospital there and I had a few patients call me the N word along with few making nasty comments followed with some kind of reference to my skin and I’m a 80’s baby I ain’t use to that, not like my parents and grandparents may have experienced. I’ve told a few of em your mama!

mr._clean_factories Yes I do at wrk

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