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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. What are some ways to heal after your heart has been broken?

Cristal Lee Shopping, Meditation, Vacation, Hang out with friends/family,

Alichia Angeles Cruz Working out, music & dancing help soothe my soul.

Nathaniel Bland Take a cruise and date someone who will love you for you

Charles Smith Well, the heart heals on its own..Time..give urself heart time to heal..Time will heal it…a new love will help mend it

LK Schwendig Just allow myself to go through the motions. If you try to push those feelings down they will rise to the surface in the wrong ways. Cry it out , sob it out , eat that ice cream and take some time for me lol

whthershey209 Healing from 💔. It took a long while to truly get him out of my system. When it’s over it’s over. Stop the communication with that person. You have to truly let that person go to heal No matter how many times he still calls or texts. No matter how sad or lonely u are. The only way to get over it is to let it go

whthershey209 U will feel so much better afterwards.

spects It’s always best to spend that time re-evaluating those areas of vulnerability. Spend more time getting to know yourself

princessdeneen Time is the only thing that heals a broken heart…so to pass time work hard, spend more time with family and friends…

shanelle_number5 Regain focus on ur career and relationship with God ..sometimes we get so wrapped up in that person we forget who we are and wat motivated us

missjess418 Spend that time focusing back on you

gentsphotography Learn to love yourself and God more and never make the same mistake you made. Move on and the right person will come at the right time

dirtbike__tay Do your hobbies and don’t listen to love songs lol

mricks4660 Sometimes you have to go through something to make something better in a relationship it’s called working it out with that person

bossy_redzkey Occupy yourself and pray most definitely hard when you invested so much time into someone but get to know yourself and one thing for sure don’t blame yourself yes it’s hard by battle not yours give it to lord and he will guide you through your toughest time..

coldest_virgo_eva____ Grind even harder

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