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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. If your mate was sentence to 5 to 10 years in prison, would you wait for them? Why or why not? ‪#‎thezone‬

Tyra Foster I’m going to wait, jail is tough to do alone you need someone.

Cristal Lee Nope but I’d be his friend

Melissa Green If it was my husband and our marriage was solid, yes I’d wait. If the marriage was falling apart and it was just a boyfriend, naw, I ain’t gonna be able ta do it!!!

Tashia Smith If he’s my husband, of course I would. I’ll have no other choice. If he’s just a boyfriend, then ummm. Let’s just say I tried that before and it didn’t work out.

kingweave_ @drejohnson1 I would wait because I would have expected them to also

whthershey209 Depends on how serious we are. What kinda relationship we have. And if we are truly in love. I waited on a two-year bid. So it all depends

erybody_hates_crys It all depends on the charge

soprettypearl Doubt it. The judge broke us up

lil_allen83 I would not wait for them because I’m not stopping my life for bad choices they made we only live once!

kenya_socialite_maven Marriage is a bond so dependent on the circumstances – if I’m fully aware of what caused this incarceration n I was down n benefiting – it would be pretty disloyal to walk off – #loyalty matters to me so in turn I’d be loyal to my mate – now if you doing dumb sh*t we’d probably be done way b4 lots of laughs 🤔🤔🤔

obeymilton That dude cannot be white😂

murphybaby81 @drejohnson1 It all depends on what they got sentenced for. If it was dealing with another female or a child. No I wouldn’t stay. But if it wasn’t then I would as long as we were committed to each other before this happened

uaspire2bla Depends on the strength of the relationship and/or what he’s going in for…

thenewsinn04 It depends on what he or she is getting locked up for; also the strength of the relationship comes into play.

batesrobinson Five years may be ten years hell no I wouldn’t put my life on hold for him that long

gentsphotography I would wait but with another person. We can still be friends and I will still love and support them in a friendly way 🙌🏿. Life must go on

texasmz915 Looks like that may happen for me but he constantly has negative things to say until he needs something or until he realize that nobody has his back but me… I just can’t any longer

marsmom_2It’s unfortunate but some women would be willing to wait on their mate for that time frame. Now if it were my spouse i may have to say yes i would, because when u take those vows, they say in good and bad times, til death do us part. So i believe if i were married yes, but if not and we’re just playing husband and wife not legally I’m a have to part for 200 Alex. 😂 @drejohnson1

danilishis I will ride it out with u. May even put some money on the phone. But please know I will be dating a couple a or two! ✌🏽️

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