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Dre’s #nightcap.. What are some signs that someone is being physically or mentally abused in their relationship? #thezone

Charles Smith Bruises, isolation, and bad nerves

DeShawn A. Edwards Isolation, verbal, excuses, blaming, etc

kyntykyntykynty Asking for permission to be with friends !

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 always quiet in the presence of the person their dating and not acting like their normal self

5inangel What @iamdjbunk said also if they have kids you can tell if you play with them when the kid reacts to play fighting

libra_heath If someone is physically abused and you know they don’t wear makeup they all of a sudden does or dressing differently (covering up bruises ) isolation, acts different, like very quiet, always needing to check in or call their mate when they’re out with friends

uaspire2bla Nervousness …from being abused

kiacheri Isolation. Withdrawn from friends and family.

a1kindalady They start to mentally detach themselves away from family and friends. They become loners in their own skin and other people start to notice. A complete extraction of who they once were. .. when they were happy.

kenya_socialite_maven Alwayssssss having to check in – the other half never lets them do anything solo or with friends – they make excuses for they’re partners wrongdoings

lenoranailcolors Withdrawal from friends. I’ve noticed that several times.


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