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Dre’s #nightcap.. Could you stay with someone with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex or etc.? #thezone 10pm -2am

Helen Washington At this stage in my life? Nope

Chereese Barrett Absolutely not I don’t have the time or the energy for none of that I’m set in my ways and I’m at a point in my life that my main focus is my Mother & my kids and nobody else’s issues but my own.

DjBunk Dodson I can’t be with about with drug, longer then north ave, not going happen, sex habit maybe, that could work lol

Kevin Boardley If a person who do drugs in a relationship that’s not love


Alichia Angeles Cruz Depends on thee addiction.. Sex & weed .. Not that bad but dope fiend or crack head.. Naw🏽

Melissa Green Drugs and alcohol, no. I’d try counseling for the sex issue and if things can be regular, then yes. But as soon as he was to step out of the marriage, gotta go. But if we were just girl / boyfriend, then all the way Hell no for all!!!

Angie La Hard to love the behaviors that come along with those kinds of addictions. But once I’m married we gon figure this shit out! Bottom line is if u love the person u already love the behaviors cuz they were always there. Besides that people do not change unless THEY want to. That’s why u gotta be selective about who u give ur time and love to

finallyhappi89 Yup my bf is addicted to sex and alcohol

londynparadise Nah, all them extra issues im good!! Lets just get this money!!

daonly_ttech if they ain’t addicted to money, keep away 🚫🚫

rotipizza Nope, problems will follow

moon_in_the_day_tv Real Talk the question is why always stand together and is it true love in the end

zone17_fatmaine If she steal everyday from wat u are trying to build I’m done flat-out

zone17_fatmaine Drugs bring habits

blaze2smokebunny420 Just divorced a crack head hell to the naw a crack head will sell ur dreams @92qjamsbmore

lenoranailcolors No thanks!!

landocominup Naw they gone put an addiction over me regardless

vicious_juici I would stay as long as they are trying to change. I would get them help and be supportive but they gotta wanna change

candykane691 NO

badcookie71 I would because we all need help. But if I see your not trying to help yourself I will have to step back.

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