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A couple is fighting on a couch and the girl is pointing her finger accusingly at him.

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Dre’s #nightcap.. If you caught your brother or sister’s significant other cheating, would you tell? #thezone

DjBunk Dodson Hell no, but I would say something to my brother or sister

Tashia Smith You damn right I’m going to tell and have a pic to show him/her

Alichia Angeles Cruz Fawk yeah

Tyice Pulliam Of course i would

Melissa Green I actually caught a Sista of mine’s boyfriend red-handed. But what I did was make myself known at thee appropriate time that he was grabbing this chicks cakes, and kissing on her neck. When I walked pass him, his eyes popped out his face!!! I was with 2 friends of mine. This was pre-cell phones. I said nothing but made sure I made clear eye contact with him. To The nearest phone booth I went and called. I would expect her to do the same. You don’t play with another person’s emotions. Go your separate way. I could respect you more with honesty.

mstruechic100 Hell yes!!💯💯


scorpiana92 Yuppppp

therealbooboo2 Yea 💯💯

2luvshan That’s my blood, I am snitching. It’s more than catching a friends significant other. I would be bold enough to say something and FaceTime my sibling like, “look”!

wraplady247 I’m going over to speak to them. I want her to know I see her and I’m taking pictures. I might even call him and put her on the phone.

my_simoneMost definitely. My love and loyalty lies with my sibling, so I would say something. It’s up to him/her to decide what they want to do with the information.

prettyeducatedd Of Course. My siblings are my heart and I have to protect theirs

brittany_0811 I would definitely tell my siblings… But Even if you tell it’s not like they believe you anyway. I did this once but it was my best friend sister bf cheating she didn’t believe me until she saw it herself.

missbutts85Hell yeah Imma tell my brother. And imma blow the little hoe spot up lol

teamproudstarr That shouldn’t even be a question! But you have some siblings that will get mad at you like you tryna break up their relationship

prettyblack_mariah Listen , even you let me beat shawty up or I’m telling. My sisters don’t play so if I tell her she gonna beat her up anyways so I might as well get it out the way bc she on probation 😭

15.shade.of.kay Of course I will tell then everything and records the person to show them

merseeless Tell for what? Why would be the reason?

primetimetelly If there been, was signs the relationship wasn’t going know where and they stayed I would keep it too myself some have to see it too believe it n e way No Need of me catching a body

brittany_0811@15.shade.of.kay agree 100% that proof is what matter

therealbooboo2 Yea I Would

brwn_izgurl They get caught sometime soon. Not telling . For what .

its_a_thinkin_game Hell yeah I would tell I would rather them hurt over the truth and not in pain over lies and infidelity

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