Iyanla is BACK! And the new season of “Iyanla: Fix My Life”, is upon us! And just like the season before, it promises to deliver the drama! On the two-part season premiere, Iyanla takes her talents to the Reality drama capital of the world, Atlanta to visit Keyshia Cole’s sister, Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh and her long-term boo, Shelby […]

Wiz Khalifa is so private about his family life that he recently suffered a tragic family death without anyone knowing. According to reports, the rapper’s transgender sister Dorien “LaLa” Thomaz died at age 32 on Monday and passed away peacefully with their mother, Peachie Thomaz, by his side. No word on Dorien’s cause of death, but […]

Dre’s #nightcap.. If you caught your brother or sister’s significant other cheating, would you tell? #thezone DjBunk Dodson Hell no, but I would say something to my brother or sister Tashia Smith You damn right I’m going to tell and have a pic to show him/her Alichia Angeles Cruz Fawk yeah Tyice Pulliam Of course […]

Serena Williams is now one step closer to solidifying her place in history as the greatest female tennis player of all time with another U.S.…

As the city gathered in the name of justice for Freddie Gray, 92Q’s very own Lil Black ran into a very emotional protester by the name of Tawanda West. Tawanda was more than willing to get on the mic with Black and talk to The D.A. Show on air. You see, Ms. West isn’t just any […]

Music mogul Mathew Knowles insists that his baby-mama drama and financial woes have NOTHING to do with him selling loads of Beyonce and Solange memorabilia at a recent garage sale.  In fact, he claims that his finances are absolutely intact and the garage sale was a suggestion by his staff in order to clear out […]

Lil sister Solange says this whole ‘Beyonce’ and Kim Kardashian’ friendship is a BAD look for her big sister’s career (AND I AGREE!) Apparently, Solange and Beyonce had a big argument about it. Solange is not trying to have it! Solange feels Beyonce’ is an ICON and Kim is just…famous for a sex tape. MESSY!

The murder trial for Jennifer Hudson’s family is under way and has been very emotional. Jennifer has been reportedly crying throughout the testimonies.  The disturbing 911 call placed by Jennifer’s only surviving sister, moments after finding her mother’s body was released to the news media today. “Oh my God…. Somebody’s killed my mother,” Julia Hudson […]

New details have emerged in the murder case of 16 year-old Phylicia Barnes. Phylicia, an honor student in North Carolina, was building a relationship with her older haf-sister when she was visiting her in Baltimore. Her older half-sister’s ex-boyfriend Michael Johnson has official been charged with Phylicia’s murder. State attorneys say Johnson exchanged 500 text messages […]

Whitney Houston graces the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone Magazine and her Greatest Hits album is at the top of the charts right now alongside British superstar Adele. The world is still definitely mourning Whitney but Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown hit Access Hollywood with some startling accusations and revelations concerning her niece Bobbi […]

Oprah revealed her major secret to the world yesterday, she has a sister who she recently learned existed. Oprah’s mother had baby nine years after Oprah was born and was ashamed. She left her baby at a hospital for someone to care for because she felt she was unable to. Oprah’s sister, named Patricia, tried […]

Oprah’s big secret is out!! Turns out the daytime talk show host has a long lost sister. According to, Oprah has a sister named Patricia — who was put up for adoption at a young age and bounced around foster homes until she was finally adopted at the age of 7. READ THE REST […]