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Dre’s #nightcap.. Kevin Gates says, an open marriage may be the key to his relationship. What are your thoughts on having an open relationship/marriage?

Crystal Gibson No thanks

Keitta Epps My thing is, how does a person not get caught up with the other people, outside of their significant other? And what’s the definition of an open relationship?

Chereese Barrett The devil is a muthafu**in lie!!!!

Lisa Harrison Hell no!!

Cristal Lee Nope…..Exactly what Chereese Barrett

Helen Washington There was a time when I thought that might work. Spice, different tastes (no pun intended). But in the end, I’m too darn greedy!!! #NotSharing

Toiya Best I’ll pass!!!!

Selina Author Selina Polk Hey Dre baby I wouldn’t want an open relationship in my marriage why because It a vowel between God-man and women . Plus I could have stay single if I want to see other people and him

Jinaki Johnson If you can handle it, more power to you. I have friends that enjoy their open relationships. In one marriage, they both are fully aware of the other person. They agreed on one friend per. They dont ask any questions & respect the relationships.

Melissa Green If you are not grown enough to make a mature decision to honor that 1 person in your marriage, don’t say,”I DO!!!” I mean, there are so many things a couple can do to spice up the marriage. It doesn’t require another body either!!! A marriage is not an open relationship, it’s the coming of 2 to join as 1. You can’t commit a lil’ bit !!!!

whthershey209 Nah. I’ll pass on that. I ain’t sharing

qui.quii Nope only leaving yaself open to disease and heart ache….I mean who really does this open relationship bullchyt anyway…. Smh

nikki82 keemer Open marriage – no. But always keep things spicy TOGETHER try new things.

daunshay Doesn’t line up with the Word!! πŸ™πŸΎ

sexybosslady86 I’ll say this.. I would to keep my man happy.. Far as having a threesome on his bday or sumthing… Lol but at the end the day it wouldn’t be an everyday thing…we have respect each other feeling’s n know tht its jus us n only us….n if he can’t respect tht…he gone lol gm😘

els_black Not a good idea

jenee2687 F**k no

rotipizza Nope, recipe for disaster

londynparadise Gotta love more fun!!

iambrown_suga Bullfuckinshit!!!

londynparadise Β #thezone

daeisha_londynmommy He’ll no I can’t handle that

iambrown_suga So she can fuck too???

ossobucco75 AIDS

jahfariibeads The way relationships are now, everything is open. I can’t imaging anyone honoring the relationship values between man and female. I think everyone is eating their cake behind closed doors. It’s easily accessible.

crzysexycool410 Nope. I don’t share. Marriage is sacred. And I want to know I have something intimate that my husband gives to me and only me.

iamshellylaniece That’s the problem because she allows it makes the regular guy think he can go the same thing.. Smh .. That is not what God ordained for marriage.

nomii_bee I would love to be in an open relationship so i can get the attention i need from my side guy when im mad at my babydaddy

cakezkusha4 You sound dumb as shit @nomii_bee smh that’s the problem with relationships now retard πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚. Thank God for my boyfriend. My one and only boyfriend. If he’s not giving me the attention I need I can leave. People make shit so complicated. It’s because you are fucked up mentally and never allow yourself to heal from the last pain. Calm down and respect yourself more online. That is all!

nomii_bee Its working fine for me. You can’t judge my situation from IG. I’m polyamorous and proud. Wont none of my guys leave me.

kissme_all It’s cool as long as you and your partner agree on who and when. Always

cakezkusha4 Protect yourself out here in these streets and be safe. That is all @nomii_bee

iamjackboi Not with it at all

ltsk_7116 It’s only ok if both parties agree on it 100% you can’t have an ounce of doubt from either side.

lenoranailcolors No thanks…

prettiwoman_ Not for me but those types of couples usual have lots of threesomes πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ΉπŸ˜Ή

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