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Brain on holiday

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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. What’s more important Brains, Looks or Bank Account? Choose 1 and explain why?

Scheronda Gilliam Brains!!! Of course a job..

Chereese Barrett Brains!!! I don’t want a handsome looking dummy!!!! 😕😕😕😕

Charles Smith Brains definitely…..looks attract you and money has enough problems in itself. Mind stimulation is a number 1 turn on for me…If a women can’t hold a decent conversation and is focused on looks and money (which both can deteriorate at any time)she doesn’t have anything coming.

tajjjj_ Brains.. You need a brain in order to make money for the bank account… At some point you have to learn looks not everything that handsome male or gorgeous female can be the dumbest person ever.

slickpearson Brains!!! Looks fade anyway n with brains u can build a strong Bank account so brains it is……..

persianicole Hmmmm I’ll go with brains because if you’re smart you’ll know how to keep that bank account looking pretty! 🙌🏽

fuk_da_man_im_da_man Brains ! Knowledge is the🔑to everlasting life. & u don’t want no dum dum😂

the__plug22 Ill go with bank account because forrest was pure stupid and he got rich

hizaddiction Brains u cannot be a dummy!

nox4gms21 Nobody real wants a dumbass! I @92qjamsbmore #thezone

kyna_nicolee Brains.. because with brains you smart enough to know how to increase finance..

lenoranailcolors I’m going with brains too. If u have money, without a brain…ur screwed. lol!

luvlelise_88 A man with Brians is usually a man with a plan …. I’ll take that over possession any day