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Mariah Carey At 1 OAK Nightclub At The Mirage

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Just when we thought Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez were done being petty, their egos have flared up again. The two ladies should be beyond happy right now. Mariah just got engaged to billionaire, James Packer meanwhile J.Lo’s show “Shades Of Blue” has been renewed for a second season. You would think they’re twins would play together and they could discuss their heartbreaks having both been married and divorced three times for Jenny and two times for Mariah.

The ladies are both gorgeous, vivacious and holding their own in this Rihanna “Work” world. But the fact that J.Lo has twerked her way into Mimi’s spotlight with her new Vegas residency may have reignited their feud which seemingly began in 2000.

Sixteen years later, Mimi seems to be the one maintaining the beef. If the ultimate queens of clap backs, Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle can end their feud, we hope to see Mimi and J.Lo reconcile by their 50th birthdays! (That’s in five years BTW!)


Clearly, you don’t cross Mariah Carey because she will hold a grudge. In the words of Cardi B, Mimi will hold said grudge FOE-EVUH! There’s clearly a man or a fight over a song that got in between these ladies back in the day. Whatever took place over 16 years ago when the ladies were approximately 28 and 29, it’s time to spill it! (They’re probably saving that tea as the selling point for their memoirs!) We’ll probably find out what happened between Solange and Jay-Z in the elevator before we figure out why Mimi and Jenny are at odds.


It’s safer to bring your man to Mimi’s concert cause you know she won’t be dancing, shaking or getting your man all hot and bothered. In fact, he might fall asleep as she sings, “Hero”. Meanwhile, your man will most definitely spring for the VIP package to see Jello…we mean J. Lo. Yall know Jenny likes her a young tenderoni. So if your man is cute and under 30 with a babyface, he might become her new background dancer and you might end up going home alone.


Emotions are as high as the tickets for their Vegas residencies. You know Mariah got in her feelings as soon as J.Lo announced her “All I Have” show. We wouldn’t be surprised if Mimi spent her spare time ripping J. Lo posters off the wall. No one is really threatened by Brittney Spears’ residency. She can keep lip syncing “Oops I Did It Again” until she’s blue in the face but it’s something about forever “Fly Girl” Jennifer Lopez that has Mimi feeling insecure. We wonder if Jenny will force Mimi to end her residency early aka “medical leave to rest her vocal chords”.


Champagne darling! You know Mariah always likes to have a splash of bubbly on deck.


Why watch alone when we’re here to keep you up on the shade! Stay tuned and you can watch J.Lo’s new show, “Shades Of Blue” with us too!


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