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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. If the Presidential election was held today, who do you honestly think would win?

Pebbles Lewis Hopefully Hillary

Pebbles Lewis Donald Trump is a joke! I surely hope that AMERICA see it.

Rashawn Thompson It don’t really matter we all will be screwed regardless who wins

Shakira Jackson I truly agree with u!!!! I don’t like none of they assess

Terrence Teel Honesty, a write in candidate, the shadiness is coming to surface for the front-runners. smh

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden All I know is of Trump wins, I’m running when his term is up

LaTear Richardson Man, Bernie Sanders for President. That is all.

Renee’ Scott-Richardson No one there all idiots especially trump.

Teresa Begett I’m not optimistic about anyone that’s running. Hopefully we will survive the next four years. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama have left their marks for continuous success but no one will continue the plan bc they want to make their own waves.

Tee Denton Trump stupid ass

Sharbett Morton Gm none of these damn clowns. I would vote for Donald Duck before I vote for Donald Trump.

Roslyn Smith I hope Hillary

Nichole Price Clinton

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 GM, hopefully Hilary Clinton, because people better known, poor people everywhere, are going to have a hard time, believe me 💯

i_am_legend83 Clinton hopefully gm bro time to make these donuts #Early @drejohnson1

baltimore_jay Bernie. He’s the only one that’s REALLY for the people. Republicans dgaf about the people and Hillary is bought. She says whatever she thinks will get her a vote.

jpslater1983 Sad but trump bald head a$$ smh

beeezodagreat Bernie…. he’s the only one that will work to make it better for the people…. #feelthebern . Hilary is a double-talking fraud. .. Trump can’t win a general election

prettyteefus @beeezodagreat they said a Black man named Barack Hussein Obama, running on a pipe dream, while we are at war with the Muslim world, and the most wanted man on the planet is man named Osama Bin Laden, no way that man could win the presidency. 8 years later, let’s just say Trump looking awful comfortable.


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