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Jordin Sparks/ Sage The Gemini

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Have you ever heard the old adage, “don’t discuss your marital issues with single people”? Does the same theory apply to not publicizing your relationship issues with social media?

GRAMMY Nominated singer and American Idol alum Jordin Sparks is making headlines and it’s not for her music. Her former boyfriend of nearly a year, rapper Sage The Gemini has taken to Instagram to try and win his girl back.

Apparently the pair broke up in December before the holidays and nearly three months later, Sage thought the most logical thing to do was share their business on social media.

In a lengthy Instagram post that he’s since deleted Sage said, “I miss you too much to watch you look so amazing at the Clive Davis party and not be able to call you and express how much I appreciate the look because you won’t answer nor text me back and I feel horrible.”

“Please call me back I just want like a hug or kiss or something” he added in his plea.

Neither party has explained the reason for their breakup. It was speculated that Sage cheated on Jordin and got his ex-girlfriend pregnant which he’s since denied.

He’s also released a song, “I’ll Keep Loving You” dedicated to Jordin.

Social media proceeded to inundate the singer’s Instagram comments sections with phone emojis while suggesting that she call him. While some may think the public display of affection was cute, Wendy Williams thinks otherwise.

“In the true spirit of what young, less than smart people do; You all put everything on social media and that isn’t good.”

For the past two days, Wendy weighed in on the couple’s issues during her “Hot Topics” segment. In reference to the extensive Instagram caption she said, “If he really meant it, he would have sent a telegram…That wasn’t even a good picture, you did this all wrong.”

Wendy went on to call Sage an opportunist in saying that he was airing out their issues on social media “for a come up”.

“For that [reason alone] I couldn’t take him back” added Wendy.

Jordin has already been through a messy, public breakup. She spent the latter half of 2014 on a media tour explaining why she was no longer dating singer Jason Derulo who she allegedly was desperate to marry after he supposedly took her virginity.

This relationship drama has given Jordin and Sage more media attention than they’ve had in a while. They need to capitalize off this reset of their 15 minutes of fame and worry less about their relationship status and more about making new music!


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